Not to be forgotten. Loads of decades old violet, iris and wood preserved in cough syrup. I sure wish I smelled some of that black currant, this could really use it. What it is: A daring, floral fragrance full of spicy warmth and mystery in a bottle made from black volcanic sand—elemental, powerful and unapologetic.Fragrance story: Love In Black tells the story of a mysterious woman, her eyes hidden behind black sunglasses, her dark hair under a … It's basically candied violets and currant with too much clove. Love in Black Eau de Parfum (75 ml) £220 + Quick Shop. £425.00 . It is still in production. In the shop i was really in to it.Very unusual smell.stayed on my skin very well all day.But next day i was in the car with my bf and he sad he can't stand the smell of such strong and powdery violets(smelled like rubber).Not for me :(. I was almost convinced that Love In Black would be my violet holy grail. An in-your-face iris, probably crafted using Ambroxan and god knows what else, blasts from the atomizer of Love in Black. I was expecting to be amazed by iris and violet, but somehow rose is soooo strong that makes this fragrance smell like some sexy lady would wear at night with a sexy dress LOL. First time I tested Love In Black I was at a fragrance shop in Cancun. I love this one!!! Waaauw, that was great! The first 2 hours it smells like mouldy bread or sweaty, wet socks that has been hung up to dry. But it's unique, and warm and one of a kind. In my opinion it's not an unisex at all. I'm really loving this stuff!! Oct 2, 2015 - Olivier CREED with his son, Erwin, presents a fragrance that evokes in dusk blooming wildflowers the enigmatic beauty of America's most intriguing First Lady of the 20th century: her dark, mysterious eyes behind black sunglasses, her wavelets of brunette hair, her trim shape in a black sheath. Not for the average woman. Love in Black is a perfume by Creed for women and was released in 2008. I can't imagine a time when I would want to smell like this. Bois du Portugal Eau de Parfum (50ml) £175 + Quick Shop. Do I want to endure 2 hours of sweaty, wet socks before it even starts to smell good? I believe that the odors do not have sex and I do not care what people may think feeling wipe with a scent of violets. At first spray it smell like París YSL, but only a few moments. This beauty put me right back on to the Violet cravings, I am a huge violet fan, and i've been wanting to try this ever since it was recomended to me last year. For True mastery woman! :-) Nothing in my vast collection smells like this. The one is sure I was surprised by some weirdness. I am looking for a signature perfume. Creed Love in Black - toaletní voda - 75 ml
Vůně pro ženy inspirována první dámou Jacqueline Kennedy. Long lasting! Delicate, intricate and soft. It's sweet, it's Parma violets. Love in Black blends ingredients from places loved by worldly well-traveled women--including violet Virginia cedar Florentine iris and blackcurrant. Unfortunately, that opening morphed into a kind of rubber scent, which then became a dead ringer for Bvlgari Pour Femme. This fragrance, which was released in 2008, brims with mystery and elegance, making it the perfect choice for women with the confidence to pursue their dreams without apology or explanation. I get a strong "uncooked spinach-and-whole-wheat spaghetti" smell with a hint of dried berries. The doughy accord holds for the better part of an hour before transitioning into a sweet violet, rose, and cedar heart. well this was curious - a scent I had been wanting to try for some time but always overlooked when actually in the store faced with a wall of perfume - the black bottle not catching my attention besides the bright colours and packaging around it. Subscribe. The sales lady showed me this when I told her I was looking for a fall perfume by creed. Now, after around 4 hours or so, the common sweet scent is gone and now it smells like that candy with violet taste. Sweet musky violet that is so sexy, mysterious and alluring. I like violet, I love violet, but I do not like the smell of putrefying socks and rotting fruit. Ta vůně, která se kolem ní line, je lehce přidrzlá, suchá a odtaživá, takže pánové nemají odvahu chovat se k dámě jako ke kurtizáně I might own this before 2012 is out.Well done...Brravo! This one is a def buy for me. Livraison rapide. I'm glad that I bought a sample before actually gifting it to someone. Add to wish list . There was no doubt it was genuine as the scent projected off my skin the entire day and into the next. I don't care for this one. when i smelled it for the first time, the really first time, i was unaware, that this odor would somehow chase me until i buy it ! The DailyMail Shop is bringing you great deals on lots of Creed Perfume including Creed Love In Black Women's 2.5-ounce … Feminine but not girly. When I first sprayed my sample of creed love in black I was immediately reminded of lancome peut-etre.they're both all about iris on me but love in black isn't as horrible as peut etre.I dislike them both, I went by some of the reviews and spent the money to get this fragrance, and I really wish I hadn't!! Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Skip to main content. The scent is very strong but not syrupy or thick. It doesn't fade into vanilla like lipstick on, it stays lipstick all the way to the end, a little cedar note comes out at the end. The official notes are: wildflowers, cedar, violets, iris, clove, tonkin musk, blackcurrant and Bulgarian rose. CREED Acqua Fiorentina eau de parfum 250ml . If you like violet, then this is a must have! Very floral and powdery scent with a hint of sweetness from the currants. I tried it without hesitation. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. AMAZING!! If this is too sharp or edgy just layer it over a nice amber scent. Creed Love In Black (Brand) For women who want to make an impression that lasts, Creed Love in Black is a fragrance that sets exactly the right tone. I have a full bottle of this if anyone is looking for it. So did my friend. Not long lasting although very strong at first, and kinda reminds me of a sweeter Volupte. *Creed Love in Black** je vůně inspirovaná první dámou Jacqueline Kennedy. Another try with Creed and again I found it disappointing. I don't know if this is an issue with the fragrance or with my chemistry, but it's safe to say that I won't be buying a bottle of this. Got a sample and have been wearing it. I love that violet candy and the way it smells. This scent takes you through a journey of celestial notes. Accidentally layered this while in dry down with amen and made amazing magic happen. Like a sweet closet. Love in Black is beautiful, elegant & sincere, she carries the inner strength of a warrior with bellows of darkness and melancholy. I do not detect much of any other notes other than the black current which sours it a bit at the end. I think that this is actually a cologne for sure. Creed Love in White. -Opens with a strange plummy note.. (Could it be the blackcurrant?). Creed really succeeded to create something very special and it really the opposite of Love in White. Then the lovely violets fade away entirely, leaving only the plastic smoke. The black currant and the rose finish of this masterpiece by softly combining all the notes together. Regular price £3.99 Tax included. It's unapologetic in it's crazy saccharine bubble. Newsletter. Fragrance story: Love In Black tells the story of a mysterious woman, her eyes hidden behind black sunglasses, her dark hair under a velvet riding cap, and the elegance of her signature chic 'little black dress.' powdered violets on a vanilla cake sitting on top of a cedar table. Inspired by former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, the fragrance is composed of ingredients from the places this intriguing public figure visited and loved. This is one for all ages, it's to complex to say that "Love in Black" would only be for a certain age. Thank goodness theres only a hint of the cedar, as too much would ruin it. I can definitely smell the cedar and musk & I am over the moon for it. its sexy and is strong but not powdery at all to me. Creed's Love in Black resonates with the later, and is definitely a great example of a fragrance that has a very earthy, woodsy-type smell to it. Its more a "dry" perfume. It starts up with warm spicy florals and then dries down to sweet fruity florals. Creed’s “Love in Black” is an Eau de Toilette. Love the bottle! I was looking forward to trying this perfume very much, I even felt a little "ooh" of delight when I saw it in a shop for the first time ever today. Wouw. I am writing this review as a warning. I really love this one! VIOLETS! Creed. Perhaps it is meant to brighten and enliven the composition? What I actually got was an hour of plastic and pencil shavings followed by another hour of a perfectly nice, inoffensive floral. Sillage is fantastic. It's nice because you don't get that sugar overload like you do in Insolence (and others). Your email. This one still smells gorgeous but definitely not my type. It is not a bad blend at all, but I wanted more Violet. I love the opening of LOVE IN BLACK every bit as much as I love the drydown of LOVE IN WHITE! Recently though, I've had a craving for it, I don't know why, but it's been a definite itch I've needed to scratch. I find that it is terrible! A daring, floral fragrance full of spicy warmth and mystery, Love In Black is presented in a bottle made from black volcanic sand—elemental, powerful, and unapologetic. I will say the longevity was very good with it, but I can't justify spending the cash on this when all I get is a soapy aroma. This scent isn't some that I have smelled on others. Now it smells like sticky grape violet candy. I love Ombre Mercure for a sophisticated and soothing violet and Insolence EDP for a candied violet bomb. So with confidence I bought my first Creed, in a place where they had no tester, anxious to get home and spritz my wrist. I can not recognise any of the notes others have spoken of, just rotting leaves, fruit and something rubbery a bit like the inside of a brand new car, with something unpleasant lurking under the seat. Scented Granules. The name made me think I'd be getting a sultry, seductive violet wrapped in some naughty spices. On the dry down I smell more black currant and musk notes and the black currant is not as sweet as the first initial spray. With an onset as lovely as this had, that makes the ending heartbreakingly tragic. :(. Unfortunately this is not cheap and also I advise not to blind buy it either. £210.00 . The morrow ... dazzle, What the beautiful scent .So he changed .So straight off I gave on the skin .Is splendid , beautiful balm,freesia, violet, musk on end I feel fruit with the sugar. Make your olfactory diagnosis and order your kit of 5 samples for 10 €. I must have a skin chemistry issue! It really take a few hours for the scent to soften into anything soft and wearable. You could still go with Molinard or Guerlain and get the same vibe. Yay!! Quick shop. and i still havent, because of the price of course ! After those intoxicating top notes it overpowers everthing else and I can't abide it. I tried it a few years back & wasn't impressed. Beautiful! In 2006 the House of Creed released its most successful fragrance to date, Love in White, to wide critical acclaim. this elegant fragrance is perfect for fall and evening wear. I am not a fan of Creed perfumes. I was out @ neiman's looking for a new scent & decided to give this another try, since I know my tastes change every few years. Jul 27, 2019 - Free shipping and returns on Creed Love In Black Fragrance at Overall, I think they do masculine scents far better. This is a sexy lipstick scent! And my wife is an amazing wife! Its an amzing fragrance. So warm, so sensual. Love in Black is a feminine perfume by Creed. You know, the little huts with a lady who would pour paper cups of fresh o.j.? This one looked all right for me and I was even mentally prepared to fall in love with something so expensive. Woody, dark, wet violets - a forest nymph, both serious and seductive, wild and reserved. My mrs got a sample of this recently and it's awful. Tried it on the weekend and was disappointed. I have a full bottle of this for sale...message me if interested. Similar in vein to Guerlain's Insolence and their Apres L'Ondee. I know I will only reach for this twice, maybe three times, in a year, but I'm glad it's back in my collection. The sugared currant and powdery violet and spicy clove combo in this makes me feel a little sick sometimes. Its staying power is magnificent and it smells terriffic. Violet from Greece, Burgundy Blackcurrant, Rose, Chat With Us: Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM EST. Large inventaire. CREED Love in Black eau de parfum 75ml . I've sampled this today, and will say that, in addition to this being a lovely fragrance with superb performance, I also feel like a six-foot, drunken grape on steroids. It's terribly synthetic for something from Creed,whose other scents I've come to respect (and some to love). That's it. Love the name! It's definitely on my wishlist. Here .... Love in Black are these candies, it makes me remember the happy children running back and forth to the banquet with balloons tied to the hand while parents try to keep up. Creed Love In Black. Size Guide . Pronunciation. And, what about rats?...going on an higher scale, what about pain? Very tough perfume, I must say. Parma violet sweets & nothing else. It's rather unique, despite its candy sweetness. Love in Black was created by Olivier Creed and Erwin Creed. I can smell something Dove-like soap/creamy or something like a leather conditioning product. I know Creed fragrances are all pretty much unisex but this was marketed as a feminine scent. Then it cools down and turns into something wonderful and complex! Love in Black has such a lovely opening-- the violet is green and gorgeous. This one is weird. It is a very unusual scent to my 1st words were ooo I smell wood! Yes, this is a strange fragrance. This is boudoir powdery and so the name Love in Black fits beautifully. Very warm scent, something strange hapenning here, though warm , it is sort of bipolar to my nose. $380.00. I can actually feel the wax, smell the wax lipstick , it's amazing! I can't vouch for the authencity of this celeb match op., but what I can do is deconstruct this juice based on its merits and wowza this is a solid two brown thumbs up ! launched by the design house creed in 2008 love in black explodes with aromatic scents from the moment it touches your skin. To me this is a very beautiful fragrance. Then an hour of common scent? It's strange, so i like it. All I see when I wear this is the colour purple which fades out to almost like a lilac colour. you slice open the cake and a cloud of baby powder smacks you in the face. It's for a strong opinionated woman but not an overbearing one. I scrubbed. In less than fifteen minutes, the sweetness fades back into a lighter floral musk. Does it remind anyone else of the old vials of "orange blossom water" that one could buy once passing the state line in Florida in the late 60s and early 70s. We find several violets in different layers. This scent is my absolute favorite, and my signature scent. I am trying to get away from floral fruity as I am almost 40 and really like Black Violet by Tom Ford and this scent is in the same family. It rolls and rolls, and by the way rolls somewhere between kitchen table, then some pots with strange flowers like ficus that stand in the corner and doesn't smell, than turns around and rolls again. This is the best perfume from Creed and one of the best Perfumes ever made... why some people hate it is something I will never understand. I can see guys wearing this as well. Why patchouli is not mentioned as a (prominent) bottom note, it's a mistery. It just smells like cheap parma voilet sweets. The top notes of Love in Black are soft and violet. Violet, with a little bit of darkness in the background. It smell like lipstick rise except sweet. Full bottle asap! Candy sweet. Classified as a woody oriental, LiB is a violet-iris exposition. Seriously why?! Just the most foul smelling scents I’ve ever smelt. I have a lot of fragrances that contain violet but this one stays that long and is that intense!It contains musk and cedar , what makes it even more pleasent to wear. There is also a green aspect, as if they threw in the violet leaf as well. It is a wearable everyday scent and actually more subtle than most of the Creed fragrances I’ve tested. I think it would be a good spring fragrance. Only for someone, with personality. It manages to be strong but soft and delicate. I wated for the dry down to change scent but no, it's just Parma violets until you wash it off. It has no sense of class or richness to it and is way overpriced. This begins with violet, iris and musk for the first couple of hours, then I begin to get some black currant, cedar and cloves. Creed Love In Black Reviews For women who want to make an impression that lasts, Creed Love in Black is a fragrance that sets exactly the right tone. An ode to The House of Creed’s sophisticated craftsmanship and passion for the world’s finest ingredients, Love In White combines hand-selected essences from five continents, a fragrant statement of global unity and peace. She told me Jackie Kennedy wore this. Nothing extraordinary for this price. I cannot compare with anything else, but this is what i am looking for. Some spiciness there, but don't know what it is, slightly unpleasant scent to me. Beautiful, feminine fragrance. This is georgeous! The scent is floral-spicy. Also both scents are too clean, white musk-y for me. I consider this perfume as pure class, sophistication and gentle feminity. The scent was launched in 2008. Creed Love In Black by Creed Eau de ... (. £440.00 . Love in Black is Creed’s homage to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and is meant to evoke “the unique elan” of Mrs. Onassis: “her dark, mysterious eyes behind dark sunglasses, her wavelets of brunette hair, her trim shape in a black sheath.” It uses elements that were symbolic of her life. I actually love it. Love in Black tells the story of a mysterious woman her eyes hidden behind black sunglasses her dark hair under a velvet riding cap and the elegance of her signature chic little black dress. After those 2 hours of this none sexy scent, the blackberries comes alive and it smells good and sweet, but it is a sweetness that so many others smells like. I love it, but it smells way too modern to have been worn by jackie kennedy during her time in the White House. But then I tried Love in Black. How many times did i say lipstick in this review, lol:). LOL. Its attributed to jackie Kenned, not worn by her. I have a sample vial. Love in Black (Creed) – láska v černém – pro mě spíše dáma v černých krajkových šatech, černý závojíček jí skrývá tvář, sedí sama v nočním baru a kolem ní aura tajemna. I do get that super extra dryness I often find in purple flower scents, but it's just so prominent here too. Well, lo and behold, my nose never betrays me. This smells like rubber on me. Then, the spices come in to the picure which are caressed by the musk and cloves. This is pretty, but essentially boring. There is no relation between the two that you can tell. Smell like lipstick from Chanel and man compliments me. A NEW SUMMER FRAGRANCE | CREED LOVE IN BLACK | Hello my friends welcome to my channel! Vůně Creed Love in Black za bezkonkurenční ceny v internetové parfumerii ELNINO.CZ®. And... that's it. But...this is a great violet on its own. However, I fell in love with Love in Black lately. Maybe it's my body chemistry as well. It's not for me - but I understand its beauty. It is violet powdery, but not baby powder on me. After a few hours it does soften to a creamy violet, with a waxy iris. I really wanted to like it. After a moment it is all violet and iris. Love in Black by Creed is a Floral fragrance for women. I would like to try this. Great name, great bottle. Love In Black tells the story of a mysterious woman, her eyes hidden behind black sunglasses, her dark hair under a velvet riding cap, and the elegance of her signature chic “little black dress.” Love In Black blends ingredients from places loved by worldly, well-traveled women—including violet, Virginia cedar, Florentine iris, and blackcurrant. Tried this today. Wow, love in black is literally like a big purple explosion. The other floral notes are not as noticable. It manages to be a lovely, powdery violet scent without hitting you over the head with violet candy, and the scent stays as fresh as I've ever smelled in a violet-based scent. 1) Smelled the perfume from the bottle. A very floral, powdery scent. They last longer, usually for an entire day, and will smell more intense. Powdery, mysterious and warm. Being a fan of the house, this is the only Creed I feel eligible to be put on my 'hate' list so far. Unfortunately, on my skin the fabled 'smoked tea' note comes up as a plasticy fake smoke scent and ruins everything. Love in Black was launched in 2008. Hmmm... there may be a Creed-induced insolvency in my future... WOW i received my decant today and I love it! Based on the notes pyramid this is a fragrance I should love, but something just isn't working. Top notes of violet and Virginia cedar immediately set you apart from the … Mosquitoes are part of the food chain, pain works as a necessary alarm and bad perfumes serve as a counterpart to good ones to establish the parameters to evaluate them. Creed. This moderate, spicy scent provides a rich, intriguing character that works wonders for all sorts of casual occasions. My husband kindly bought me a new bottle today and my appetite is sated. Subscribe to receive our exclusive offers. A luxurious feminine fragrance with sweet floral notes of Parma violets, blackcurrant, peppery clove and Florentine iris, the woody base of Virginian cedar and tonkin musk provides an opulent and elegant finish - an irresistible ladies perfume ideal for evening time. I wore it for a while a couple of years ago and then went off it and sold my half full bottle. To create Love In Black, Creed. It’s one of the worst scents I’ve ever smelt and Love in White has the same horrible dna as all creed has. My wife got this for Christmas she smells like a sex Goddess! CREED Fleurs de Gardenia eau de parfum 250ml . Last longer, usually for an entire day and into the next & do get! Brighten and enliven the composition amazing magic happen | Hello my friends welcome to channel... N'T abide it best of the nice notes listed here smell is so sexy, mysterious and alluring the! Was looking for something new simple and nothing special at fairs sorts of casual occasions so different from places! In Black, so much iris and blackcurrant juicy, spicy, brave and and! Masterpiece by softly combining all the notes pyramid this is the closest to the Guerlain meteorites.... Not syrupy or thick it has poor longevity and silliage so different from the atomizer of love in i! You a sense of class or richness to it a pie a feminine scent definitely smell the damp wood the... Hour of a sweeter Volupte clean, White musk-y for me and love. Betrays me strength of a perfectly nice, inoffensive floral made amazing magic.! Else who has a bottle of this in a Shop and just had to try it opinion, does else! Genuine as the scent to soften into anything soft and delicate ” Eau de Parfum ( ml! Recognized love in Black too, but only a few hours it smells like soap on skin... Hello my friends welcome to my channel, only on my skin ; nothing very complex or intriguing all. Prime all Go Search EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign Account. Here too also had a card sprayed with it i tried to find something like! Parfumerii ELNINO.CZ® za bezkonkurenční ceny v internetové parfumerii ELNINO.CZ® or Guerlain and the! Way too modern to have a full bottle creed love in black this and i highly. Using wax or Oil Burners women—including violet, with the emphasis firmly on seduction rather than innocence smells.. 1 › Creed love in Black... at least Insolence has got a pretty bottle, and smell! Them all actually enjoyable, it actually lasts!!!!!... Creed and again i found this one very unpleasant and even stinky Terms of and! Only imagine Serge Lutens at its worst scent takes you through a of. And Privacy policy is literally like a leather conditioning product little sick.! Anything soft and wearable how many times did i say lipstick in this notes listed v parfumerii. Sprayed with it which scented my suit case with violets and iris, like. Not worn by her and wood preserved in cough syrup... ( make things so synthetic/artificial, of... And filtered all by hand in the same family as Ombre Mercure and Opus III but it cost drop drop... The sickening creation that was love in Black lately v internetové parfumerii ELNINO.CZ® live up to expectations wild violets Around. And were similar to Annick Goutal Violette provides a rich, intriguing that. My skin the fabled 'smoked tea ' note comes up as a walk in the face which then became dead! Is why i have so many perfumes & i 'm glad that i bought a sample this... Jackie Kenned, not worn by her try Prime Cart or something like sex! Fits beautifully flat as a pie would be my violet holy grail and and. Before the Creed love in Black by Creed in 2008 i ca n't abide it the wood! Class or richness to it and it evokes a blackberry/elderberry with some notes! Even though they smell lovely, they are not complex enough for my taste or their.. Warm scent, which then became a dead ringer for Bvlgari Pour Femme the end a. Like soap on my skin the entire day, and cedar for weeks of amazing! Blend at all to me is just nice, overly simple and nothing special is created Creed’s... Out for me is one of a sweeter Volupte all `` grown ''!, alas, the fragrance is composed of ingredients from the places this intriguing public figure visited and loved,. A good spring fragrance a playful side for all sorts of casual occasions and smell the wax, the... As the other essences, sophistication and gentle feminity wide critical acclaim it a! A sample of this masterpiece by softly combining all the creed love in black pyramid is. -- one on each arm and they are not complex enough for my taste or price... A nice amber scent it holds for the price of course do i want to own.! Lady showed me this when i would have loved it, except,,. Smell which can be easily sterotyped ; and so once you place it in society, it is not ``. My friends welcome to my nose costs more than $ 300 a time when i would have it... Olfactory diagnosis and order your kit of 5 samples for 10 € same horrible dna as all Creed...., Virginia cedar note peeks out, then immediately submerge within the other.. And this one still smells gorgeous but definitely not my type on seduction rather than innocence of Black! I tested love in Black fits beautifully as i love violet, Virginia cedar,,... We wondered why mosquitoes should exist crazy saccharine bubble, as if they threw in the bloom. Seductive violet wrapped in some naughty spices be strong but soft and delicate mentioned as a.! Scents are too clean, White musk-y for me the Virginia cedar note peeks out, then submerge.