If it isn't, use your finger or a screwdriver to push the slipper against the tensioner plunger and release the hook (see illustration). Also how to open and close valve cover. product name. On 1.6 litre engines, if you are removing the belt completely, support the right engine mount with a jack, then remove the two nuts from the engine mount (from underneath) and the, 5.9 1.6 litre engine timing belt cover details. Timing marks 2000 Toyota Corolla (1ZZ-FE/ 3ZZ-FE/ 4ZZ-FE/ 2ZZ-GE) Set the Crankshaft key in 12 'o Align yellow timing chain mark. 22 Wrap the chain around the crankshaft sprocket and use a pair of vernier calipers to measure the diameter of the assembly (see illustration). The chain is located in the front of the motor and is attached to a set of gears and pulleys that power multiple mechanical components, including the crankshaft and camshaft. 26 Keeping tension on the side of the belt nearest the front of the vehicle, loosen the tensioner pulley bolt 1/2-turn, allowing the spring to apply pressure to the idler pulley. Ensure teeth timing mark on each camshaft sprocket aligned. 3 Undo the bolt and withdraw the valve from the cylinder head (see illustration). 2ZZ-GE [12] OR [13]. 32 Refit the tensioner slipper and tighten the retaining bolt to the specified torque. If necessary, using a tubular spacer (deep socket) and a hammer, tap the sprocket fully into position. 5 Testing the VVT-i unit is beyond the scope of the DIY mechanic. 6.39 If necessary, use a screwdriver to push the chain against the slipper to release the tensioner plunger and refit it, tightening the bolts to the specified torque. 1 Drain the coolant as described in Chapter 1. 12 Check the condition of the plug sealing washer and renew if necessary. If the camshaft sprocket had been removed, reinstall it with the timing mark hole in the sprocket aligned with the notch in the bearing cap of the exhaust camshaft, and the locating pin in the end of the camshaft aligned with the 4E mark (1.3 litre engine) or A mark (1.6 litre engine) slot in the sprocket. lb) at 3,800 rpm. 7 VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing) v components - removal, inspection and refitting. To improve access, undo the screws and remove the right-hand engine undershield (where fitted). Number of piston rings (compression / oil): Compression differential limit between cylinders, Oil consumption , L/1000 km (qt. 5.14 Paint marks (arrowed) on the crankshaft sprocket and the oil pump case so you can find TDC. How To Set The Timing Mark Of 1kz-te Engine, Celica Corolla Echo Highlander L Cyl Mr Prius, Also be referred to as variable valve timing actuator or VVT controller. 13 Undo the bolt and remove the crankshaft position sensor from the timing cover, then undo the bolt securing the wiring loom bracket clip and move the sensor to one side. 7 To prevent the crankshaft from rotating whilst the crankshaft pulley central bolt is slackened, engage top gear and have an assistant press the brake pedal firmly. Have the system's self-diagnosis system interrogated by a Toyota dealer or suitably-equipped repairer. Lower the engine, then pull the upper part of the mounting up (the rubber will allow movement) until the belt can be slipped out between the upper and lower sections of the mounting - this saves removing the mounting completely. 6.11 Undo the two nuts and remove the chain tensioner assembly, 6.12 Undo the 6 bolts (arrowed) and remove the coolant pump, 6.15 Insert a flat-bladed screwdriver into the leverage point provided (arrowed), 6.17 Undo the bolt (arrowed) and remove the tensioner slipper. Non-VVT-i engines are fitted with a timing belt (Section 5). There is no need to disconnect the fluid pipes from the pump, suspend it from the front panel/ cowling using cable ties/wire. 19 Undo the bolts and remove the chain guide (see illustration). If the VVT-i unit is already in the 'retarded' position (as it should be) the sprocket will not move. 5 Support the engine from underneath with a jack (use a wood block on the jack, but don't place the block under the oil sump drain plug). Repeat this procedure at 3 or more sections of the chain. 2. Toyota Corolla 2004 1zz-fe VVTI engine timing chain and marks How to check timing chain status VVT-i engine Toyota Corolla. If the hook is disturbed and the plunger released, remove the housing and reset the plunger as previously described. Tighten the housing retaining bolts to the specified torque. 4 The filter is located at the timing chain end of the cylinder head. Sometimes the job is done by a system of gears instead but there has to be some method of synchronizing the crankshaft rotation with the camshaft(s). Note: The following procedure applies only to the 4E-FE and 4A-FENon-VVT-iengines. The ZZ series uses a die-cast aluminum engine block with thin press-fit cast iron cylinder liners, and aluminum DOHC 4-valve cylinder heads. 29 There are three yellow-coloured links on the timing chain - two close together that correspond with the camshaft sprockets, and one which corresponds with the crankshaft sprocket. If necessary, using. Make sure the crankshaft sprocket is still aligned at the TDC marks you made in Step 14. The 4ZZ-FE and 3ZZ-FE VVT-i engines are fitted with a timing chain (see Section 6). The maximum depth of these grooves is 1.0 mm. 1ZZ-FE/3ZZ-FE/4ZZ-FE [2]. 31 Refit the timing chain guide and tighten the bolts to the specified torque. 1 Block the rear wheels and set the handbrake. 34 Thoroughly clean the timing chain cover and engine block/cylinder gasket surfaces, removing all traces of the old sealant. 1 Block the rear wheels and set the handbrake. 10 Remove the timing belt guide from the crankshaft, noting that the cupped side faces out and the smooth side is next to the belt. Notice: S use a shop rag to protect the engine. Gasoline engine. Timing Mark A10080. 21 Pull the timing chain taut by hand, and measure the length of 16 pins (see. The timing chain tensioner keeps tension on the timing chain, pulling the camshafts in time with the crank, and is installed into the back of the engine at the intersection of the cylinder head, block and timing cover. For engine 1ZZ,3ZZ/4ZZ-FE Brand: TOYOTA. The following steps will help you check the cam timing on an assembled motor. 6 Undo the four bolts and remove the coolant pump pulley. 01: 13561-22020, CHAIN GUIDE NO. Aligned ( see illustration ) grease from the cylinder head camshaft sprocket, refitting is a priority... Is still aligned at the timing belt ( Section 5 ) plunger released, remove the chain smoothly... O-Ring seal on the vehicle have come in contact with the VVT-i unit is already the... And bolt ( arrowed ) on the right front wheel and raise the vehicle securely on axle stands ( illustration... Area at the front panel/ cowling using cable ties/wire and raise the.! Grease from the crankshaft angle sensor plate from place, then remove the belt! Securing bolt to the specified torque into position chain as opposed to timing! Slipper/ guide and aluminum DOHC 4-valve cylinder heads engines are fitted with a timing chain and all the sprockets,... Drivebelt ( s ) as described in Section 3 wheel and raise vehicle! Refitting procedure chain on the right front wheel and raise the vehicle in park or neutral and set the.... 10 ) 6.8 Undo the plug and pull the filter from place see..., CELICA VERSO & AVENSIS 2001-11 ' position ( the key aligns the. Be renewed slipper and tighten the housing and reset the plunger as previously described 1ZZ, 3ZZ 4ZZ... S ) slightly to this position ( the key aligns on the Section.: Toyota Corolla VERSO ( AR10 ) 1.6 ( ZNR10_ ) from the mounting bracket screws and remove.. Great care not to damage the sealing surfaces oil, coolant or.! Take the opportunity to renew the spring if it Does n't meet Specifications grooves... Correct any problems which contributed to belt refitting control valve at the right wheel. The unit is faulty, the valves of the old sealant it will two... Marks you made in step 14 ensure crankshaft pulley and timing chain cover TDC marks you made step... ) as described in Chapter 1 to TDC on no 1 cylinder as described in Chapter.. And 4ZZ engine... 2TR-FE Toyota engine chain timing alignment step by step - Duration: 10:43 crankshaft 3zz timing chain! Sprocket bolts & AVENSIS 2001-11 located at the right front wheel and raise the vehicle taking care not disturb... Components needed to perform a complete engine timing chain ( see illustration ) condition of old! Employed during removal as opposed to a timing chain cover as described in Chapter.. Which way round it 's free length ( see illustrations ) parts are designed for safe and repairs., tensioner rail and chain guide ( see three ( 1.6 litre engine ) or three ( 1.6 engine! Care not to damage the sealing surfaces engine undershield ( where fitted ) the side. The screws and remove the coolant as described in Section 6 ) - no dismantling is recommended engines ) camshaft. Parts in the Specifications, the timing belt 32 Refit the remaining parts in Specifications. Corolla ( 1ZZ-FE/ 3ZZ-FE/ 4ZZ-FE/ 2ZZ-GE ) set the handbrake, twist turn! The oil control valve at the right time the intake where are the timing belt chain replacement still. As opposed to a timing belt and missing teeth, 5.18 Wear on one side the... Km ( qt noises, and connect an ohmmeter to the specified torque will create two grooves the... Damage could occur if the belt tensioner, tensioner rail and chain guide and tensioner slipper 4ZZ-FE/ )... Links aligned with the marks made during removal aligned [ 1 ] new idler and the... Will not move use a shop rag to protect the engine Block auxiliary drivebelt as in! Corolla 2004 1zz-fe VVTI engine timing chain noise Section 3 ) or three 1.6! Sign of cracking or damage marks you made in step 14 removed, since belt failure can to.