It was shipped fast, packaged well, and arrived healthy and beautiful! Thank you! Currently unavailable. We definitely have the fullest ones compared to anyone. The box the palms came in were strong but the carrier delivering them turned them over despite the labels that were all over the box. the plants are so lovely. Like the majority of semi-succulent plants, including String of Hearts, Sansevierias thrive on little water. Plant database entry for Whale Fin Snake Plant (Sansevieria masoniana) with 29 images, one comment, and 24 data details. Nicknamed the Whale Fin, the Sansevieria Masoniana features uniquely shaped paddle-like leaves. So I am so excited to finally get one and ofcourse I went for the large one;-). So many well-established plants in this pot. Thanks! So excited about this purchase. The plants (3 in total) arrived in beautiful condition, and bigger than I had expected. Add to cart. Related products. Sub Collection. Sansevieria Masoniana is also known as the ‘Whale fin’ or ‘Sharkfin.’ This succulent plant has stunning foliage, with dark green leaves and light green spots. It will be very full oversized fins. Anonymous (verified owner) – May 15, 2020. Add to Bag. I love Sansevierias/Dacenas. Worked perfect! I really enjoyed it being apart of our collection also. Opens image gallery. (verified owner) – November 20, 2019. The plant was named and classified as Sansevieria after its discovery in South Africa and Southern Asia, however, molecular phylogenetic studies have led to it being placed in the Dracaena genus, part of the Asparagaceae family. Picture Information. Whale Fin will be between 12 - 18 inches tall. Too much fertiliser can cause the leaves of the plant to fall over. They are gorgeous & we hope you enjoy it! The easiest way to propagate the Sansevieria Masoniana is by simply allowing it to create new pups and then potting them up when they get large enough to be planted. Based on 1 review Write a review. Product Details. Plus I have heard youtubers mention making plant purchases here, so I felt I could trust them. The third reason is the plant is reclassified. Catches everyone's attention when they come in, & I've been dying to get my hands on a "bucket" of them. Snake Plants convert CO2 into oxygen at night (as opposed to most other plants) so they are the ideal plant to brighten up a bedroom and help you sleep better by … Variegated Whale Fin Sansevieria. These are hard to find. Anonymous (verified owner) – September 11, 2019. Almost like art. It will thrive in very bright light to almost dark corners of the house. Amazing plant on my wish list which I can now cross off :). I am very happy with my purchase. Plant arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Quick view Choose Options. Sold Out Yellow Variegated Whalefin Sansevieria. 3.1 out of 5 stars 2 ratings. Plant arrived healthy and beautiful, was very happy with my experience. Super rare whale fin sansevieria plant and collection of sansevieria plants, well rooted Depending on the size of Fin sansevieria, aka Mother's in law tongue. 12. As such, be sure to allow the plant to dry out between waterings. If an item is shipped to California at this time, it will be confiscated & disposed of. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Just water when the soil is dry.Shark Fin Snake Plant - Whale Fin - Sanseveria masoniana - 6" Pot - … Bright indirect light is best for Sansevierias, though they tolerate lower light level conditions then some of their other succulent counterparts, making it an incredibly versatile plant. Sansevieria are flowering plants native to Africa, Madagascar and southern Asia, and grown as houseplants in cooler climes. $65.00 FREE shipping. Hi Mirza! Hi Jared, Our Extra Large size will look very similar to the one in the stock photo! $19.99. Gift for my father. With this being said, the plant also happens to be one of the best easy care indoor plants on account of the fact that it’s pretty indestructible! Why pay for a cutting when you can get a whole plant, I am desperate to add this exotic to my collection and it is rare and difficult to find in my area. Priority / Heat Pack INCLUDED! ORDER NOW!!! Size. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Sansevieria masoniana 'Whale Fin' quantity. LIGHT By all means, whatever you do, at a minimum you should make sure that your plant is as close to a window as possible. Quick view Choose Options. It’s been on my wishlist for a while. Just want to make sure that I really like it. We even send you a picture of your plants before they ship. PlantVine is one of my favorite places to order from. It arrived in perfect condition with 4 leaves and a new and upcoming pup. Most snake fin plants are sold with just one leaf, and sometimes two. As such, it’s much better to underwater your plant as opposed to overwatering it in order to avoid root rot. Anonymous (verified owner) – September 20, 2019. This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. Ideally, the sansevieria should be planted in a cactus mix as opposed to a soil which contains too much organic matter. Abigail S. (verified owner) – September 19, 2019. From shop PlantaBotanics. From shop TropicalplantsFL. This Unique Whale Fin plant is very easy to care for! The most unique sansevieria. Sansevieria Masoniana or Whale Fin is a large species of Sanseviera that grows a tall, fat leaf that mimics the shape of…you guessed it, a whale’s fin. Small & Medium sizes are around 6″ – 12″ leaves. Some of the soil spilled but that is to be expected. Though slow-growing, the Whale Fin reaches impressive size compared to other members of the genus. Quantity: 1. When given the right conditions, the plant can reach a staggering four foot high and 10 inches wide, though this is quite unlikely to happen in a home environment! The famous whale fin is in stock!!!! - With so many types of Snake Plants out there, the Whale Fin Snake Plant, or Sansevieria Masoniana, is definitely the king with it’s gigantic leaves! Well, one of the most unique varieties of the ‘snake plant’ as it is so often called, is that of the Sansevieria Masoniana, which is also referred to as the Whale Fin plant. (verified owner) – November 29, 2019, Plants look fantastic, well packaged and quick. Learn how to repot, water, propagate and care for the Sansevieria Cylindrica. We do have a single leaf cutting available! I luv this plant so get yours now you will not regret it. * Note: Plants and planters may vary. Its variegated leaves are beautiful shades of green and yellow strip ^^ here you can see the whole whale fin plant when you click on it you will see the affected area So I finally got my dream plant. Ordered a large and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Despite its hefty price tag, I bought size medium and it arrived BEAUTIFULLY. Customers who bought this item also bought. $36.00. Here’s a complete care guide for the Sansevieria Masoniana, as well as watering tips and how to propagate this unusually shaped plant. Sansevieria Cylindrica. 1-2 'fin' Divisions will be shipped bareroot. Characterised by its medium green mottled with forest green appearance, the very tips of the leaves tend to be pink in appearance, particularly when exposed to bright sunlight. These do extremely well indoors in low … Though slow growing, the Whale Fin can reach a truly impressive size compared to other members of the genus. All Rights Reserved. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. I, Susan (verified owner) – February 16, 2020, Raymond B. I am so excited to get it, I have wanted a whale fin sansevieria for so long and they are hard to find in my area and over priced for just one leaf alone. Extra Accessories. First, the oldest name in print is the name that takes precedence. Saw this Sanseveria on youtube and had to have it. Hello, how tall is the actual plant and how tall will it get? The mistake is discovered and rectified. Care guide for Sansevieria Masoniana. Best soil conditions for the Whale Fin Sansevieria Due to the semi-succulent nature of the plant, the whale fin enjoys being in well-draining soil with plenty of grit and sand. Our cutting will included roots. Furthermore, if optimum care requirements are achieved, then the plant can even produce white flower clusters, which come from the centre of the plant. Geraline (verified owner) – August 25, 2020, beautiful, came in good condition. Janet (verified owner) – September 11, 2019. is for the collector plant parent. growland1 (verified owner) – April 18, 2019. Sansevieria Masoniana, aka Mason's Congo, Whale Fin, Shark's Fin, it got its name because of the unique shape of its unusually wide, paddle-like leaves. Whale Fin Snake plant is hard to find. There are a lot of big leaves and even babies popping up. I am considering purchasing another. Just like the standard whale fin except this variety has yellow striped variegation! Amazen Plants - You will receive a total of 8 plants 1 Whale Fin + 7 other Sans plants. One of the easiest to care for indoor plants is that of the Sansevieria, a semi-succulent plant known for its striking leaves. Came as a free root but they wrapped it in a wet paper towel to carry it over. Hi Joey, Unfortunately, we were contacted by the Department of Agriculture that have updated & now are enforcing their new policies of plant shipments going to California. When taxonomists first gave names to plants, they put plants together by their “looks”, thei… Please make sure to tag us on social media @plantvine, Anonymous (verified owner) – September 8, 2019. It was packaged very well and it arrived in great condition. I will definitely purchase from PlantVine again! Sansevieria Masoniana ‘Whale Fin’ Variegated. PlantaBotanics. Just received my whale fin plant and it is exactly what I expected it to be. Our cutting comes with roots as depicted in the picture labeled cutting. Whale Fin Sansevieria Rooted. With this being said, for a semi-succulent plant, the whale fin is pretty thirsty, especially in the spring and summer months when the air is drier and the temperatures are warmer. It is important that they are grown in well-draining compost and not over-watered , or they may rot. Bonjour, ciao, and welcome to my little corner of the internet! Nicknamed the Whale Fin, the Sansevieria Masoniana features uniquely shaped paddle-like leaves. Variegated Whale Fin -- the rare & easy to grow version of the snake house plant. Large is 12″ – 18″ and XL is 18″+ (many of these are around 2 feet tall). Laura O. Mallory (verified owner) – September 17, 2019. *** Please note that Whale Fins have natural imperfections on their leaves and this is completely normal & non harmful to the plant. That are hard to come by in this size! Quick view Choose Options. I enjoy the variety and quality/health of your plants. This guy is amazing. When the plant is completely dry, give the plant a good soak. Pamela H. (verified owner) – May 14, 2020. Size Height Ball Width; S: 8-10" 4-5" M: 12-14" 6-7" L: 15-20" 7-8" Shipping & Return. Select. Can’t find a better price than this. This unique shaped plant also comes in variegated forms. If you’re hoping to create an indoor jungle with your Sansevieria Masoniana then a word of caution: this is an incredibly slow growing plant and you’ll be waiting a long time to propagate it and create new plants. Very large robust “fins” available! The succulent should only be fertilised once a month or so during the summer. Sansevieria Masoniana 'Whale Fin', Snake Plant, Mother in law's tongue, Bowstring hemp, 6 Inch Pot. Very limited quantities. Gorgeous! The plants are lovely and they came to me relatively unscathed. Hi, does this cutting come in a small nursery pot, or is it just the cutting and some packing peanut type things? 3 days ago I drew the purple line on it to track the brown drying leaf. Sansevieria Masoniana Whale Fin Snake Plant. When the plant is thirsty; the leaves will start to wrinkle a little, indicating that it’s time for a water. $400.00 + $15.00 shipping . All plants will be shipped bare rooted. Mature divisions are approximately 14”-20” plus tall. Through SmartSeedsEmporium on Etsy, I purchased 5 Whale Fin seeds to see if I could grow this beautiful plant on my own. Is it possible to get just a single leaf one? Sansevieria masoniana is called Whale Fin Snake Plant because of the unique shape of its unusually wide, paddle-like leaves. Our plants are covered by our 30 day guarantee. How big do whale fin plants get? Like all sansevierias, this plant is famous for its air-purifying abilities. It can reach up to 45 inches in height. Quality every time I have ordered. Due to this new policy enforcement, we are now having to stop all of our shipments going to California until further notice. I chose PLANTVINE based on a friends recommendation. Sansevieria Black Coral. If a printed document is found with a different name for a plant and is an older document than the one that has the current name, it is changed. I love my purchase! PlantVine Sansevieria masoniana 'Whale Fin' - Large - 8-10 Inch Pot (3 Gallon), Live Indoor Plant by PlantVine. Sansevieria masoniana Customer Reviews. SKU: N/A Categories: "Low Light", Plants, Succulents, Tropicals. It was packed well and and arrived in excellent condition. Our 1 gallon does come rooted into dirt. Whale Fins typically stay very short and fat. Pictures shown are examples of style. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Though slow growing, the Whale Fin can reach a truly impressive size compared to other members of the genus. Thank you for helping me with my last wishlist plant. Sansevieria Variegated Whale Fin. Latanya (verified owner) – August 20, 2020. Super Rare Masoniana Whale Fin + Kirkii + 6 Other sansevieria Plant Live Plants, Shipped Bare Rooted $191.95 Elechomes Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers, SH8820 Top Fill 5.5L Humidifier for Large Room Bedroom Plants with Remote Control, 20db Ultra Quiet, LED … Favorite. The City Wild is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I couldn’t be happier with my plant! Our 3 gallons are very similar to the picture in the product page and are between 12 to 18 inches tall, which includes the pot in this height. (verified owner) – March 4, 2020, Stephen S. (verified owner) – March 10, 2020, Mabel (verified owner) – March 25, 2020, I received a healthy plant professionally packaged and on time delivery will definitely buy again from this seller, Jeff K. (verified owner) – April 7, 2020. It has characteristic wide leaves that look like paddles or beaver’s tails. A potted 7" Masoniana Sansevieria Plant, known as the Whale Fin Plant. Size. Exactly what I wanted. But I’m nervous about the big leaf. Shark fins were dry root, roots wrapped and look very healthy. Its leaves have a distinctive mottled dark and light … There are a couple of reasons why plant names are changed. Large, sculptural and easy care. Thank you so much for your kind review. Select. thanks, Randy S. (verified owner) – October 5, 2020. Rare and difficult to source, this whale fin snake plant (pup included!) See photos for sizing. Shipping and handling. It’s very hard to find in my area and when I discovered that Plant Vine had it, I had to snatch one up. This plant has been on my wishlist for months and I was SO excited to see it on PlantVine. Thank you. Once they have settled in for a bit, she is planning on separating them each into their own pots. Jill B. $99.99. Beautiful leaf to have and easy up keep! He has wanted one for many years, and I finally found one here. The plant came very large, no damage, and even has a baby! Honestly because my husband really adored the Whale Fin, and wanted another one! I’ve wanted this for some time, now onto the next. Variegated Sansevieria Whale Fin 6 in. Sansevieria Starfish (Boncellensis) $14.99 - $29.99. My Whale Fin Sansevieria is Beautiful!! Whale Fin Snake Plant: Top Sansevieria Masoniana Care Tips! Although not as easy to come by as other Sansevierias, it makes for a very special plant in your houseplant collection! 5 out of 5 stars. Been on my wish list for some time! I love my Whale fin. They do well with warmth and bright light, but will also tolerate shade. My wife LOVES them! Package came disheveled, but the plant was still intact. The plant is nicknamed ‘whale fin’ on account of its unique shape. Due to the semi-succulent nature of the plant, the whale fin enjoys being in well-draining soil with plenty of grit and sand. Ideally, the sansevieria should be planted in a cactus mix as opposed to a soil which contains too much organic matter. Sansevieria Masoniana - Whale Fin Snake Plant-Paddle Plant My wife was so happy with her plant and I was so happy with the happy with the fast, easy and efficient service. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. I thought the value was exceptional. Thanks! Sansevieria masoniana, commonly known as Mason’s Congo or Whale’s fin is a semi-succulent, stemless and evergreen plant. In this video, I successfully propagated leaf cuttings of Whale Fin Snake Plant / Sansevieria Masoniana in both soil and water. Sansevieria Masoniana, Sansevieria Whale Fin, Snake Plant in 6" pot. Whale Fin Sansevieria is sometimes labeled with the cultivar ‘Mason Congo’ since it was initially collected in the Congo in Africa. Whale fin Sansevieria masoniana barefoot ***EXPRESS SHIPPING RECOMMENDED*** SKU 00054. $13.51 5 bids + shipping . See more ideas about snake plant, sansevieria, sansevieria plant. Excellent as a houseplant in both bright and low light areas. In stock. Quantity. Thanks! These can take full sun, partial shade or shade. A perfect addition to a brightly lit bathroom or study space, these versatile plants are pretty and can be left for weeks between waterings, making them ideal for those who travel often.