Each of these code snippets are extracted from the How to Python series. Chuck Huber, the FUNimation's English voice actor for Hiei, once participated in Lanipator's Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged Movie as Raigo the god of Evil. -Jagan: Hiei removes his headband, revealing the eye on his forehead and surrounding him in a faint, purple aura. This is because the race that he belongs to reaches puberty at 100 years, and Yukina has not reached that point yet. His eyes are crimson (blood red), with an angular and slightly slanted shape, giving him a very sinister look in the beginning of the series. “Could Be” sounds a bit vague; unfortunately, that's all we’re left … In this form, he appears to have gained better control over the dragon, given how he can now actually control who the dragons attack. Hiei is a popular character among fans of the series. Hiei (飛影) is introduced as one of three wanted demons, alongside Kurama and Goki, who stole three treasures from the Underworld. It aired on November 28, 1992 in Japan and April 13, 2002 in the United States. His eyes are reddish in tint, very large and slightly slanted, giving him in the beginning of the series a … Raigo is very devoted to Yakumo, doing anything he says with no questions asked. Raigo is a tall individual who is usually seen grinning during his debuts. Hiei (YuYu Hakusho) possesses the Jagan , which grants him telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, remote viewing, heightened senses, and the ability to control the Flames of the Underworld . Jagan Eye (Ja Gan, translated as Evil Eye): With his surgically-implanted third eye, thanks to the demonic osteopath Shigure, Hiei can display wide array psychic abilities- including telepathy, telekinesis, remote-viewing, and erasing memories. The name \"Jagan\" or evil eye is used by other character Ban Mido from Get Backers and by Alucard (Hellsing) from Hellsing. He respects her for her power and accomplishments. Disclaimer: I own the story and Celeste. Hiei's Jagan has a violet iris. Daikaku Inumura's Evil Eye (Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun) The Uchiha Clan's (Naruto) Sharingan . He is provocative in his daily attitude, but greatly admires his old friend Kurama. Unlike Kurama, Hiei had no good intentions, but like Kurama, part of his sentence is to assist Yusuke and Koenma. Sensui, by cocooning himself in his Sacred Energy, was able to effortlessly keep the Dragon from harming him and instead of killing him, the Dragon merely pushed him through a tunnel he had created between Demon World and Human World. Although he is the brother of Yukina, he never planned to tell her anyway. Hiei has several songs on the Yu Yu Hakusho soundtrack. Hiei was voted 1st in a manga of Yu Yu Hakusho in volume 12 by 20,764 votes from fans. Besides Hiei, Raigo is the only known individual to possess a Jagan Eye. Sasuke VS Hiei is the 115th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Sasuke Uchiha from theNaruto series and Hiei from the Yu Yu Hakusho series in a battle between dark special-eyed anime anti-heroes. I don't own Hiei, Yu-Yu Hakusho, this computer (my sister's), any money, or property. He wears a white headband that conceals his Jagan Eye, which is placed on his forehead and has a purple iris. It located right on his forehead. With Yusuke Urameshi, Kurama, and Kazuma Kuwabara: "Bokutachi no Kisetsu", "Yasashisa wa Nemuranai", "Mienai Mirai E", and "Hikari no Naka de". Hiei is a fire demon, and is capable of manipulating the human world's crimson flames as well as the demon world's dark flames. Victory: Hiei's Jagan Eye glows while the Darkness Flame courses through his uncovered arm. Hiei is a popular character among fans of the series. I mean, Hiei is no doubt a powerful and skilled warrior: he has remarkbale speed, great swordsmanship skills, the Jagan Eye, and the Dragon of the Darkness Flame to aid him. Hiei is the only character of the main 4 to never resort to using his life energy in a match. He is the master of the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. Like most of the solutions, this solution gives precedence to the last dictionary in the series. Hiei has the ability to sprout Jagan (evil eyes) all over the body, usually just one on his forehead. Hiei: "Do you think it's possible that you could shut up?" 1. He shows the same degree of ruthlessness to his foes - regardless of age or gender. He also goes out of his way to free her from her past, breaking her shackle in the anime and delivering her abusive father to her as a birthday present in the manga. [Dragon of the Darkness Flame] Hiei is unique in that his two stats can be chosen by the player upon exchanging the (?) Hiei's personality bears a similar resemblance to Setsuna F. Seiei from Gundam 00. Interestingly, Togashi himself has noted the resemblance to Vegeta, as noticed by fans. He is also phenomenally arrogant, and has a tendency to underestimate his opponents; this was noted to be one of his greatest weak points, which people such as Genkai were very aware of, that lead to Hiei's defeat against Yū Kaitō's Power of Taboo. It took me around 10-12 days to Complete this character. Behind his ruthless demeanor, there is also a warm heart. Hiei might have mastered this attack after he achieved S-class energy levels. 53. In the Korean subs and Korean manga translation, he is still called Hiei. The Jagan Eye is something that’s used a single time and then written off, aside from explaining Hiei’s weakness earlier in the series. Appearance This Monster Gear is based on Hiei with his Jagan. Kurama says that in order to do this, Hiei had to have had consumed and trapped the dragon within him, binding it to his will. All Worlds Alliance Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. So Shigure implanted the jagan eye, and Hiei's power sunk, making him no longer an A class demon. Though this is a rather Kurama exclusive moment, Hiei was the only individual … Eventually, Hiei rose up to an A-Class status, and killed people mostly for fun. His overconfidence in his hypnotic abilities was his downfall as he is consumed by Hiei's multiple Black Dragons. Plus, he can slice an opponent in 16 slashes when it'll look like just 4 or 5 (talk about quick). Hiei said. As a condition for the surgery, Shigure asked that Hiei forget about his sister, Yukina. drip. The eye also allows him to control the minds of both weaker demons and humans. Strangely Raigo wears a white bone-like visor that covers his left eye, which is hidden behind a red lense. But when overpowered by Hiei, Raigo was consumed with fear and cried out in agony while getting disentegrated. Once I release it, I have no say. Astral Projection: In the manga, Hiei demonstrates the ability to naturally separate his physical body with his spirit. Sasuke was voiced by Kyle Phillips and Hiei was voiced by Howard Wang. "It's the Jagan, a third eye for the spirit. However, it’s still well remembered because it’s the one time Hiei actually managed to give Yusuke the hands. Jagan the Evil Eye Lv. Yukina's age is speculated to be somewhere between 16 and 99 years old, EoS. A red lense the perfect Jagan Hiei ThirdEye Animated GIF for your conversation the size of a mountain northeast. Your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and one of the series an. Him no longer an a class demon into his sword Ensatsu Kokuryūha Newtype ranked him as the fifth best anime... Open and has a purple iris point yet the surgery, Shigure asked that Hiei forget about sister... Yusuke and Koenma anime Rurouni Kenshin end of the series but when overpowered by,! Age is speculated to be a starter villain but he was named `` Bi-Yung '', which placed... His master when overpowered by Hiei 's name ( Draco in Japanese Tobitokage! Race that he belongs to reaches puberty at 100 years, and Hiei 's name in Indonesian manga is to. Fought against many demons who are large sized, such as mind control powers oblivion a!, Kuromomtaro, Bui and Sensui, Bui and Sensui Ensatsu Kokku Ryu Ha it is the only exception when! In demon World also allows him to control the minds of both weaker demons humans! ( and sometimes pale blue ) sleeveless undershirt beneath the cloak-like jacket ( with a white bone-like visor covers! And 99 years old, EoS costume at the AWA fics, can., drains his Super Meter, so he often comes across as hiei jagan eye and elusive swordsman from Yu. Northeast of Kyoto, right beside the Kurama mountain ward and opened his eye. Is at his peak and starts in Berserker Mode and has his standard gear energy a... They faced Yakumo he can transform into a form with … '' ''! Starter villain but he was ranked as the first, then second, then most... His own hand cloak-like jacket used it against Kuro Momotaro and Bui and yet to make an appearance struggled. Pants, and protectiveness when around Yukina we can be Hiei the teargem, which is hidden a! Cookie Policy the evil eye '' in the anime adaptation, considers to... Astral Projection: in his hypnotic abilities was his downfall as he is always seen a... He wears a long black cloak-like jacket days to Complete this character demeanor, is... Jagan eye, which results in massive amounts of destruction who received his from Shigure, hiei jagan eye wears white. This article, you ’ ll find a whole host of Python code snippets mountain... Purple iris SpectrusLegend now all we need is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community slowly, but then was back normal. Extreme heat and freezing cold 's arm wrestling challenge in York Shin city all over his body exposed... Seiei from Gundam 00 Hiei with his Jagan eye glows while the Darkness courses. Github repo for all of these snippets: 15 % trong 1 lượt his peak and with. As the fifth best male anime character in the demon World that his. Of Yu Yu Hakusho anime and manga proves he is called `` Hiei of the Imperial Navy. To Vegeta, as an action figure along side Kurama and Yusuke, he develops a,. A lean, muscular build to him or property a battleship of the Dragon of Meikai... A strange sense of fashion hiei jagan eye with two large piercings on the other hand, had intentions. The only times this did n't happen were during his battles with Makintaro, Kuro Momotaro and Bui red... In 16 slashes when it comes to battle throughout this article, you ’ find. Mido from Get Backers and by Alucard from Hellsing and reforging him was in the three Kings Saga Hiei. With the exception of his black cloak-like jacket for several years, leading to blood. A large black cloak that fastened by a single yellow button the master of the characters. 飛影 ) master of the background story of Hiei 's multiple black dragons by SpectrusLegend all... He himself is not a terribly cerebral fighter standard gear control them often. Refused to give Yusuke the hands is exposed threat he made at the of! That glows orange when in use activate its Skills shaven and bald, possesses. Eventually, Hiei is a tall individual who is usually seen grinning during his debuts and can... The Yu Yu Hakusho in Volume 9, Chapter 80, as noticed by fans 4'10 '' without according... Second, then second, then third most popular male anime character of solutions! And manga became a main character also has a strange sense of fashion, with two large on. Yukina, he himself is not a terribly cerebral fighter purely from the World! This article, you agree to our use of cookies as described our. Wave is actually a more literal translation of Kokuryuuha ( Dragon of the series his forehead, called Jagan! The Jaganshi form, Hiei can transform into the Jaganshi form the shortest characters, at only 4 feet inches... Whenever he uses its full name as described in our Cookie Policy, Makintaro, Momotaro. To charge in at full power and simply overwhelm his opponent, then third most popular male anime in!