[citation needed], Following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales on 31 August 1997, the scene where Bean accidentally decapitates her picture while cutting a new serving hatch has been removed from some broadcasts, only showing Prince Charles, whose head Bean cuts through with the jigsaw, possibly as mark of respect. A clueless yet clever loner bungles his way through life in London. 52 new episodes were broadcast from 16 February 2015 to 10 March 2016. Upon leaving a jigsaw puzzle from Mrs. Wicket's attic unfinished due to a missing puzzle piece, Mr. Bean goes on an elaborate treasure hunt which starts inside Mrs. Wicket's fireplace and ends inside a small shack in the park. Play free games online and watch videos featuring Boomerang characters like Scooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry, Mr Bean… Mr. Bean decides to take Teddy on holiday to the seaside, but a spoiled little girl there wants Teddy all to herself. However, they fight over what to watch, rapidly switching the channel back and forth until the set explodes. This myth originated from the episode "Do-It-Yourself, Mr. Bean" of the British comedy series Mr. Bean starring Rowan Atkinson. Mr. Bean and the father-and-son compete for the incoming biggest marrow competition. When one of the toy cars of his racing track set accidentally break, Mr. Bean goes to the toy shop to buy a new track set, but because his Mini has a flat tyre, he instead decides to take a taxi. Bean tries to improve his physique at the gym, but to little avail. After Pod and Irma leave, Bean realizes that Irma forgot Lottie to which Bean pursues them to return her. In January 2014, CITV announced a revival of the series with Rowan Atkinson returning to the role as Mr. Bean as well as other cast members reprising their roles. Mr. Bean wins two tickets for an exotic cruise and takes Teddy along for the trip of a lifetime. The initial winner of the Raffle of Love is number 77 but when no one responds, the man picks another ticket. Mr. Bean goes up in the lift to the top floor of a toy shop, but Teddy gets stuck in the doors, and the lift breaks down. After getting exact measurements using three pencils (one in his mouth and one in each hand), he uses a reciprocating saw to cut out a section of the wall before moving it into the original hole. Mr. Bean wants an ice cream cone from the ice cream van but ends up serving himself along with every kid in town. When Bean learns that Mrs. Wicket is having a party downstairs, he tries to crash it but the bouncer refuses Bean's entry as he has no invitation from Mrs. Wicket. When the nurse checks Bean with the. Bean then flies the plane with Teddy riding as pilot and manages to knock down the boy's plane, but the boy's father breaks Bean's remote while the plane is still in flight, causing the plane to go out of sight. Dozens of other people have queued overnight to get there first, but Bean manages to jump the queue and annoy everyone in the process by revealing that he created the "person" as a dummy, which he placed there the night before in order to cheat his way to the front of the queue. Ultimately, she falls backwards. Unfortunately, Mrs. Wicket gets angry at Bean when she sees the caged Scrapper (derived from "Cat-Sitting" of Series 1). 4:45. On a very hot summer night, a fly enters Mr. Bean's flat, keeping him awake. In addition, Bean turns up the music playing on the store's intercom, to make it harder for her to be heard. Help him grow his Delivery Depot in Mr Bean - Special Delivery and test your driving skills as you deliver packages to Mr Bean’s friends and foes. While taking photos of wildlife, Mr. Bean finds big footprints which belong to a dinosaur to which he flees from it until he gets an idea to take a photo of it in the hopes of becoming famous. Afterwards, Bean and the actress exit the restaurant to which the actress kisses him. Tiny movie. He is just about to leave, when he realises that he left his hat in Bean's flat and goes in to retrieve it just as the firecracker explodes. Mrs. Wicket then orders Bean to kill it with a croquet hammer, but Bean, having mercy not to kill it, puts it into a jar and releases it into the wild. Mr Bean had an ingenious idea to paint his room in record time Subscribe! 3:59. In January 2014, CITV announced a revival of the series with Rowan Atkinson returning to the role as Mr. Bean as well as other cast members reprising their roles. However, he manages to only get a few lines of paint done before accidentally dripping paint onto things. Help Mr. Bean to drive his Supermini car to reach the target distance in the shortest time. Instead, he purchases an inflatable muscle suit, but while hanging out with Irma, the suit begins to leak and Bean struggles to fix it while hiding from Irma by putting the sticker on leaking part and filling it with gas. Now with no way to stop the Mini, his only braking method is to drive it into a parked lorry delivering mattresses, creating an explosion of pillow feathers.[2]. After a stubborn pigeon defecates on his Mini, Mr. Bean is forced to wash it but after the passing motorist mistakenly thinks that Bean runs a car wash, Bean creates makeshift car washing equipment at the side of the road. He manages to sneak inside and enjoy the rest of the play area until the annoyed parents call the security guard to kick Bean outside. Join the strange but hilariously funny Mr Bean and his life-long best friend (a stuffed teddy) on adventures such as avoiding an irate landlady or an evil one-eyed cat. Feeling guilty for ruining Mrs. Wicket's wedding by riding his go-kart resembling his, After Mr. Bean accidentally drops Teddy into a bucket full of extremely smelly sardines, Teddy becomes very stinky, causing Bean to bring him to the laundry shop. After saving a lady's dog, Mr. Bean is invited to lunch at a grand old desperate manor house. After noticing Mr. Bean and Mrs. Wicket with a lot of money, the burglar duo hatch up an evil plan in which one of them disguises himself as a gentleman to marry Mrs. Wicket in the hopes on getting her money. Mr. Bean learns to dance in order to impress Irma. cat house and sees a cat that looks like Scrapper to which he lets the cats out as a distraction for the owner, steals her cat and makes him look like Scrapper. Bean then goes to the kitchen to prepare refreshments. However, he is shocked to discover a silhouette of Hubert fetching his hat (which Bean had used to cover his clock) is frozen onto a section of wall as the only unpainted area (and his clock covered in paint). Myth: In an episode from Mr. Bean, Mr. Bean paints a room by sticking a stick of dynamite in a can of paint and blowing it up. Unfortunately, Bean slips and the wind blows the ticket away until it lands at the restaurant. Bean then finally lures the frogs by throwing meat into a bus, but when he sighs in relief, Scrapper (who manages to survive the attack) gives him a frog who drags Bean with its tongue. He manages to drag Mrs. Wicket and her friend to the bomb, resulting in them quickly barricading themselves in the flat building. He then begins to paint the whole living room white, but finds that the bristles on his paintbrush are dried solid. So he goes back to the store to steal a screw. While painting a picture of Teddy, Mr. Bean accidentally splashes some green paint on his wall. When the removal does not work, Bean uses his electric mixer to remove it, only for Bean to accidentally scratch the car in the process. Mr. Bean climbs into his favourite tree to stop it from being chopped down. When everything becomes a mess, Bean gets beaten up by Mrs. Wicket when she returns from the hospital and therefore is also sent to the hospital, where on the way there in the ambulance, Scrapper has been stowed away, who then scratches Bean. He is angered when he finds out that Rupert and Hubert deceived him and attended the larger party next door. Mr. Bean's Mini. However, when he goes back to his car, the principal of the school mistake… Mr. Bean paints his room and has an … When Bean sees his room for rent, he decides to disguise himself to get back in. Mr. Bean's newly purchased ship-in-a-bottle gets incorrectly picked up by the milkman, resulting in Bean sneaking inside the milk factory to retrieve the bottle. When Mrs. Wicket sleepwalks to his room once again, he carries her back into the room but she wakes up and panics, to which Bean shows himself by pretending to attack the "man" and throw "him" out of the window. Krystal Georgiou, Bill Elliott, and Jess Jackson. It's New Year's Eve 1993 and Mr. Bean is excited. However, instead of parking near the grocery store because of the traffic warden, he parks his car at a nearby school where he is mistaken by the principal as the new teacher and is forced to teach a group of juvenile delinquents, but he actually may be a better teacher than he thought. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Characters 3.1 Starring 4 Gallery Mr. Bean When Mr. Bean sees Irma and the musician going to the car, he sees the blue Reliant coming out, mistakes it for a car that Irma is in and pursues it. He is annoyed to learn that he has to assemble it himself. At the end, people force him to give his own money away towards the charity and he does! In another supreme work of physical comedy, Mr. Bean couldn’t help but be bored during a church service and, to avoid… When the firefighters force open the lift doors and remove Teddy, Mr. Bean buys the last toy car resembling his Mini, but instead gives it to a young boy in exchange for Teddy. Upon finding out that it is a young badger, Bean realizes that it is part of the burglar duo's attempt to sell the babies by painting them pink to earn money. He tries to cook spaghetti, but because it cannot fit in the pot, he instead uses his bathtub to cook it, but he accidentally lets it go down the drain when he gets distracted by a bird crushed by the window. When Mrs. Wicket is hospitalized after accidentally breaking her arm, Mr. Bean must look after Scrapper while she is away. Dig This is the 30th episode of season 4 in the animated series. After numerous failed attempts to distract the workers, he finally interrupts them by offering them food, but he does not notice steam from a cracked pipe. Most of the attempts he tries to get rid of it fail (almost successful in some attempts), until he manages to trap it in his fridge. Along the way, the driver deliberately drives Bean around London to get a higher fare, then he stops at a petrol station to eat lunch in a café. While showing off to a new friend, Bean accidentally goes overboard and is stranded on a deserted island. Bean then looks through his box of fireworks until he finds a suitable one to explode the can of paint. Mr. Bean redecorates his room by making it fit for a queen, but goes too far when he names it "The Palace". To compensate for this, Bean grinds off the entire blue colour in the car, only to be annoyed by the officer. After Mrs. Wicket kicks him out due to accidentally waking her up while bringing her back to her flat after sleepwalking, Mr. Bean hunts for a new home. Unfortunately, the lobster has escaped, so he attempts to create a makeshift lobster from carrots which angers the actor into beating up Bean. Mr. Bean has some unexpected Japanese guests who think he runs a hotel. An escaped convict resembling Mr. Bean takes refuge on Bean's flat, causing the police to incorrectly arrest Bean while the convict goes to impersonate Bean. It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet. In the episode young bean, She turns out to be nice. When the plane explodes, Bean is distraught he lost Teddy forever; fortunately Teddy is ejected and falls down his chimney. He also cuts a picture of a body builder, near the groin area. When Mrs. Wicket discovers the deception, she throws Mr. Bean out and sees Scrapper alive.