Carol, we sincerely apologize for your experience and assure you that we take matters such as this very seriously. No wonder they ask for the full payment before installation. You can find contact details for Empire Today above. I then told her that I spoke to Ms Velez on Friday, and that she confirmed that the price was only for the price differentiation. I have also sent the representative two emails, in which she provided would be the best way to contact her, but, has yet to hear back from her, as well. Thank you, I was informed that the issues with our stairs is not an installation error but the customer error. The seams started rolling and got a bubble in one spot. NO ONE from "the office" ever called to indicate when installation would be. Empire Today Customer Service Team is there to assist every customer - they want to hear when customers are happy and they want to hear if there are any concerns that need to be addressed. Dear John, STATE OF FLORIDA PL-01, The Capitol Tallahassee, FL 32399 . The tack strips were coming up: resolution...beat our stairs to death with a hammer, that's what the guy did that you guys sent out here to fix it! The customer service team at Empire Today ® is here help. So instead he came to our house on Sunday, our only day off. 8/14/17 Installers arrived, no one spoke English on the installation team so it was difficult to speak about inconsistencies or ask questions. He will send s repairman out to fix it. The job was finished, we were promised refund of part of the money as compensation for delay to complete. It is August 2, and my installation... Fast & efficient, this company is head above their competitors when it comes down to taking care of their customers! We'll be in contact with you soon to learn more and start working towards a resolution. They said the blinds would be back in a week and a half. I even had a manager from the office tell me the original delay of my carpet wasn't their fault and the fault of the manufacturer. Please contact us at customersupport[email protected], with your account information so that we can resolve this issue. I so disappointed in this company, they have yet to even attempt and apology!! If you live in Ohio, beware of this company and the salesman that makes you believe he is a minister with a heart of gold selling you the best. Please send an email to [email protected] with your contact information, and we'll get in touch with you right away. Keep up the great work! File a complaint about Flooring Installation. terrible customer service and resolution, 16 years' experience in successful complaint resolution, Each complaint is handled individually by highly qualified experts, Last but not least, all our services are absolutely free. We moved all our furniture and a piano to get ready. Company resolves 68% of complaints brought to its attention from Business Consumer Alliance. I'm not completely surprised that they were going to cancel for the installation repair but I gave them the benefit that they would be here.They apologize which is what I want; just get the job done! Al Rivera, Next Monday, 8/21/2017, the contractors are scheduled to repair the damages, and my accord will be satisfied! You have 290.00 dollars I paid, and no carpet for almost a month of waiting. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Empire Today Customer Service. Finally, I take off work early as they told me they would be by between Building, Construction. I made another appointment, having my mom come from out of town to be there since I couldn't take off any more work and they once again cancelled. She came with a salesman, Mr. Smith. Our customer service team is available to answer your questions or to schedule an appointment.. Empire Today has provided carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl tile flooring, and window treatments to more than 2 million customers since 1959. 10 open jobs for Flooring sales in Louisville. We ordered the flooring having to take out a loan in order to do so. An install manager came out to look at the floors and said they had to be replaced. All business will get complaints. 73 Reviews. Contact the Federal Trade Commission to request any complaint information filed against the company (a link to the FTC is provided in the Resource section). 3 years 6 months. Does anyone have a corporate contact name and number? He asked what happened and I told him the brackets broke. He said they would be back in a week we needed to call the service center. For a third time, the cycle repeated itself with the same result, took pictures and agreed that the flooring was not done properly. © 2004-2021 I asked if he had replacement brackets and he said no. Search, apply or sign up for job alerts at Empire Today Talent Network 0. Dear Ann, View all Customer service Jobs at Empire Today. I specifically asked that one of the closets not be carpeted because there was a bookcase that was unstable. They didn't reply for more than a week. She then said that the price for the installation would be approximately $250 for the job. I spoke with my assigned representative, who scheduled for someone to come out to access what needed to be done. This is not right and I demand a $800 refund for what I had to spend in repairs. Let me be clear the installers were very friendly and courteous. I phoned Ms Velez, the installation supervisor on her cell phone immediately for clarification. Reply. The communication w/this company is atrocious. The mission of Empire State Development is to promote a vigorous and growing state economy, encourage business investment and job creation, and support diverse, prosperous local economies across New York State through the efficient use of loans, grants, tax credits, real estate development, marketing and other forms of assistance. page 99 Mr. Granger joined the Empire after spending 18 years at Sears Home Services, where he served in a variety of senior leadership roles in the in-home repair, replacement parts, franchise, and extended warranty businesses. It needs to be replaced and he needs to talk to his supervisor. Dear Kathryn, Thank you, ", Customer service runarounds, Bad business practices - PeopleClaim - 1941331 I sent many many emails without her responding . Make detailed notes on the information you are given. Used a product that was not meant for cement leveling. 74 Reviews. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. Al Rivera. This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. This e … She has never called back and no one else has either. Please email your concerns and account information to [email protected] for further assistance. I have told my neighbors who need flooring and everyone else, do not call Empire, it might be months before anyone can help you, or even care. We'll be in contact with you soon to learn more. Thankfully, the guys came and installed the carpet, for our family room and stairs, requiring the remainder of our balance. -ET Customer Support. I went thou Hurricane Harvey and Had called Empire September 8, 2017 to send someone to give me a quote and install my carpet, in bedroom only. -ET Customer Support. The installer came out to repair blinds previously installed by Empire on 6/8/17. When I moved the bookcase, it collapsed, hence the $100 credit. I'm still upset about the lack of communication, lack of warranty services, for covered work. I had to pay another guy to come and fix everything they messed up. I have been waiting still and its September 29, no call backs no one Michele, we take your concerns seriously and will be in touch with you shortly to start working on a resolution. I overheard her tell the salesman that the installation would be charged back to the installation company. Got approved and installation was scheduled for the next day. However, we have had two issues since the install one being resolve and the other not so much. They found it the middle of Dec and called wishing to install the next day. That was on sept 2 2017. repairman says he won't touch it. sold us carpet and laminate on 8/12/2017 for over 4500, installation to start 8/15 Carpet and 8/16 for... Short version: Empire rep Steven Zust [protected]) sold me premium carpet. Implied in that appointment is the obvious fact that I was supposed to live in this dust. Thank you. We understand that your time is valuable and sincerely regret to hear that you were inconvenienced by this matter. This not the experience that we expect for our customers, and sincerely regret to hear that this was your experience. I will be equally vocal if things ever get done to my satisfaction. Register Sign in. This was during Empire's 1/2 off sale. We thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention, and sincerely regret to hear that this was your experience. Flooring dealer Empire Today (Northlake, Ill.) has been ordered by a jury to pay Avon, Mass.-based National Floors Direct (NFD) $500,000 in damages stemming from an unfair business practice suit, according to an NFD release. Since then it has been a nightmare! When I asked what the payment was for, he claimed that there was no problem with their installation and that this was to cover the cost of the new installation. Hiding negative complaints is only a Band-Aid. He stated that they would have had to take up our cabinets in order to fix the problem, which I disagreed to. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business. I was so hopeful! The installer did not fix the blinds on site as they previously did years ago. Little did we know she's the only helpful employee. I mentioned to them my concerns about how my kitchen flooring was not leveled and they agreed, took pictures, called their supervisor, and, said that they'd get back to me. Initial Empire Today complaints should be directed to their team directly. Installation was suppose to take 2 days according to our salesperson and ended up taking 4 days with them still not being finished. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Empire Today Customer Service. We contacted them through their website for an estimate on laminate flooring for the first floor of our home (approx. I can not believe I waited 12 years for this and just like that my excitement over new floors was ruined by a company that was supposed to have excellent flooring and customer service. They finally sent the original installer back out. To qualify, you must provide Empire a written estimate on the letterhead of a licensed competitor, including product name and price, product weight, style type and fiber content, thickness, plank width and an itemized listing of applicable warranties and/or services for comparison. I wanted to share our recent in-home estimate experience from Empire Today. Is this a way to run a business? However, they are worse now then they were before they tried to fix them. Complaint against Empire Today - Headquarters, 333 Northwest Ave, Northlake, Illinois, 60164-1604, United States for Problem with a product, "I just feel ripped off. I have not recieved a phone call. We contacted them through their website for an estimate on laminate flooring for the first floor of our home (approx. He assured me the turn over for the binding would take max 2 wks. I keep being told the local office has to call me to resolve the issues. Luna Flooring / 21st Century Flooring. Why would someone from Empire call me and tell me there coming by and not show up or put in books? I am sorry that your experience at Empire Today did not match your career goals. National Floors Direct. Thank you. We regret to hear about the lack of communication that you've received, and assure you that we take matters such as this one very seriously. We were told by multiple service reps that because we didn't cancel within the 3 days, something the sales rep failed to mention, that we would not be getting out 400 dollar deposit back. Useful 5. They will not answer calls and the salesman disappeared. Please help. I then get a call from Empire saying we will be by September 28 Thursday . I need that as the local complaint number is the same as the rude and non professional Scheduler. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Empire Today Customer Service. They are quick to make sales but make it impossible to reach anyone for complaints. In the master bedroom, there is a portion of the flooring where you can still see the subflooring because the wood is not appropriately connected to the other wood flooring, as well as pieces of the shoe molding were left just square without adding the rounding pieces to make it complete. Prior to posting on this site, please contact a member of their Customer Service Team directly first, they can be reached by calling 800-588-2300 or by emailing customersupport @ Both my husband and I have had to take off work for all of this and are completely frustrated with the lack of care you have for your customers once installation is started. However there was a language barrier which was not a problem the first day when someone who spoke English came with them but the days that folllowed he did not come. is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns since 2004. The reason I am so upset is because with each time the tile was replaced we had to deal with all the dirt, grime and all of my appliances in the living room. The carpet was installed since the installers insured us it was correct. It has taken me 4 months to get a customer service rep to respond to my inquiry about why Empire canceled the contract. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. View complaints, reviews and check out how BCA rates Empire Today, LLC. Empire you have put me in a bind. Dear Al, Once complete the floor looked great! We have invested in well over 10k in a floor that sounds like you are walking on broken glass! Very Frustrated and Disappointed!!! I will believe it when I see it. I should've just cancelled right then. Read all user reviews about Flooring Installation. WRONG!! I just can't wrap my head around why the lower steps look so good and are so perfect and the upper steps are such a mess. What use would it be to call and bring the installer back here if he has already said he had pretty much done all he can do. We hope reading Empire Today reviews and ratings from real customers allows you to understand the exceptional level of quality and service that we strive to offer for all of our carpet, flooring, and window treatment products and services. We decided to cancel and wait because it was going to cost us at least a few thousand more for a different type of carpet. Step 3. The Supvr, informed twice she'll contact me the following day. If they install the LVP it's going to void the warranty. Chris Granger joined Empire Today as President, Commercial in 2018. He never got back to me. The representative contacted a few days later and I was quoted $544 to fix the repairs that were damaged, not fault of theirs. We've located your order and will be in touch with you shortly to further address your concerns. No one shows up, I call again and ask what happened and Ruby says, I don't show it in the books. Messed up two complete floor and ruined the moldings twice, plus hit the walls, which caused another repair I had to pay for. In October of 2020 they replaced the floor, when they pulled up the LVT the product that was used to level the cement floor crumbled causing so much dust that had to open all the windows and doors to try to see to level the cement floor and install the LVT. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We ordered our carpet the middle of Oct to have installed before thanksgiving. There never available or a supervisor to help you. I called and emailed every day, twice a day. Big mistake! We finally received an email from Sheryl stating that " per the manufacturer, the stairs were not included in the warranty". I guess the reviews posted before me were true. Called for Carpet/Lino install in a rental. We have major issues with the carpet upstairs...the seams are showing, the carpet is literally coming apart before our eyes. In reality we are held hostage by these companies, what recourse do we have. I had ordered carpet and ceramic from empire today and was supposed to have the ceramic portion of my order installed today. Research complaints at our website. From the locations shared in the reviews there are store locations that routinely receive compliments and 4 or 5 stars. He told me Empire didn't carry it any longer . The Company offers carpets, hardwoods, laminates, ceramics, vinyl floorings, and window treatment products. Empire Today. She said that while I didn't get a call we were in fact on the schedule. What was supposed to take one day, took 3, all days I had to take off work. Reached out to Empire again, had an incredibly rude manager that pretty much wanted to do nothing to assist. Memphis, TN 38115-6102. The people who answer the phone could care less and they put you on hold for over 15 to 20 minutes and come back to say, I will have someone call you back. 0. Also, the employees I have dealt with are professional and courteous, but they don't DO anything. Hal, which was (also) our sales rep came by and did his tidbit on showing me all the samples, went over my options and quoted me a price. My fiancé and I spent the weekend preparing... Fast & efficient, this company is head above their competitors when it comes down to taking care of their customers! Cool. He did not provide me with a copy of the quote or the contract. 1000sq.ft.) The kitchen flooring is not leveled with the other flooring, about 1/4 inch higher, and where the refrigerator is, the wood does not meet up to the kitchen cabinet. We had 842sq foot of tile put in, the cost was over $14, 000.00, we put over $7, 500. down and financed the rest. Finally got a hold of the service center today. Big mistake on our part obviousl. Core Services. Empire Today Customer Service Team is there to assist every customer - they want to hear when customers are happy and they want to hear if there are any concerns that need to be addressed. Use this comments board to leave complaints and reviews about Empire Today. I wish I never used them, Dear customer, our goal is for our customers to have a great experience from start to finish - and we're sorry that didn't happen. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for L'empire des mille planètes (Valérian, agent spatio-temporel) (French Edition) at the client number is [protected] The tricky part is the stairs done differently. My mother was at home to take care of any issues. All I if for the carpeting to be re-cut and re-installed to the professional level that Empire Today claims. The one worker quit. We called and called empire to come and fix it. Carpet sent out only enough for part of the job. I should have asked for a detailed account of how they arrived at the price. This is not how we want our installations to go, and sincerely apologize for your experience. 23 reviews for Empire Today, rated 1.00 stars. 12/23/2020. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. I purchased over 7, 000 dollars of flooring last year from you, and had problems then. We are doing work that matters - connecting customers with businesses around the world and help them resolve issues and be heard. Community Builder. We originally was not going to wrap the stairs with laminate but the salesman talked us into it claiming how beautiful they would look. The installation was poor. The installer came back out 6/19/17. Your satisfaction is a priority to us, and we'll be in contact with you soon to further address your concerns. Interested in taking care of the customer after they've made the sale. Dear Hilary, empire appoints michael vels as chief financial officer clinton keay assumes role of executive vice president technology and lead of company’s transformation office – april 26, 2017. empire company reports fiscal 2017 third quarter results - march 15, 2017. michael medline appointed president and ceo of empire company limited - january 12, 2017 . is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns since 2004. No, apparently, I signed a contract that says I pay when the carpet is installed. Lumber Liquidators. Our balance we owe is about 2900.00. I then Call back and get George, and he said please ask for me, instead of Bobby and I will make we get someone out there. How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from the rest. After wanting to install a hardwood floor for about 10 years we finally decided to do it after researching customer service/pricing/company reputation and decided to go with Empire Today. Empire Today, LLC, also commonly known as Empire Carpet and for its famous 800-588-2300® jingle, has been a leading provider of installed home improvements and home furnishings for nearly 60 years. Initial Empire Today complaints should be directed to their team directly. The guys came with carpet which did not match my other rooms of carpet which is Palmetto. Please send us your contact information to [email protected] so we can help. with sales lady... We had Empire today install carpet that was so full of chemicals, we had to pull it out in less than 3 weeks. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business. desired resolution - I just want my blinds hung. Thank you. I have made numerous notations regarding my phone contacts. Questions or comments? All business will get complaints. Sadly, we had a Xmas tree up and a piano filled w/nutcrackers that couldn't b moved. Before they left I notice several boards were a bulging up the installers told me to put something heavy on them and they would straighten out.After two weeks They were still bulging and causing me problems I called in several more times and was told on different occasions that someone would be out . I then get a call from Bobby and said he would take care of it, and send someone out. A flooring that he said was the best of the best, but they would exchange it for a different flooring for no additional cost? -ET Customer Support. For the fifth time, on October 22, 2020, two more installers came and had only two pieces of baseboards to repair (for $544.00) and I said absolutely not. I have had 3 appointments for repair, taking off from my part time job, all no shows... without a contact on the designated day. Empire Today Corporate Office & Headquarters 333 Northwest Ave Northlake IL 60164 Empire Today corporate phone number: (800) 588-2300 Average Rating and Total Reviews.