So am i supposed to avoid going to the fish market for seafood. ANSWERS .addComponent( 'SearchBar' , { 1: For those who have a long-term visa (Korean nationals, residents, students, etc. The media are very good at reporting statistics and scary stories about the COVID-19 situation in Korea and beyond, often highlighting the most negative things. Failure to wear an appropriate mask that covers both nose and mouth could result in a fine of up to 100,000 won (approximately $100). That’s why you should wash your hands after visiting the bathroom EVERY TIME, regardless of why you went in there. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats. In Korea, many people are wearing masks and using hand sanitizers. Here are some of the best ways to prevent coronavirus infection: This might seem like common sense, but it’s shocking how many people don’t wash their hands enough. It was pretty simple, but if you don’t speak Korean, it can be difficult to get the test. Read more. I’ll update this section as more details about what caused the coronavirus, and how it spreads, becomes available. I hope you can come back when the situation is better and enjoy Korea in all its beauty! You’ve probably noticed a lot of people in Korea and around the world wearing face masks to prevent infection from the coronavirus. If you’ve looking online for information about whether or not you can travel to Korea now, you’ve probably seen lots of conflicting information. I cannot find any clear updated information through search engines, do you where I col find this kind of information? Beginning October 13, face masks are compulsory in public places (public transportation, demonstration sites and in healthcare facilities). Even though I’m no longer going, at least with your blog it’s easy to be updated on what’s happening, as I have friends in SK that I am also worried about. Things are escalating right now because of the situation in Daegu, and it’s impossible to predict what will happen in the next week or month. I live in Korea and do my best to follow these, too. I want to provide you with relevant, accurate, and essential information about the coronavirus in Korea, visa and travel restrictions for Korea, and also offer insights into future options regarding travel to Korea. It looks like it’ll be ongoing until it’s safe to travel again or there are agreements for ‘travel bubbles’ with certain countries. Although most stores, schools, and public buildings are open, national and local governments occasionally exercise authority to regulate businesses, schools, the size of gatherings, and religious gatherings to respond to outbreaks. “The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China. Really sorry that you can’t make it to Korea, but it’s probably for the best. Korea is among the world best destinations since it offers a variety of experiences. I understand why you would be concerned, but the situation is being handled really well by the Korean government and they have a lot of experience of dealing with things like this. Asia-Pacific:New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Americas:Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, Haiti, El Salvador, Uruguay, Jamaica, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Saint Lucia, Republic of Suriname, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Europe:Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Romania, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Spain, Slovakia, Iceland, Estonia, Austria, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, France, Finland, Hungary, Middle East:Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Tunisia, Asia-Pacific:Nauru, Marshall Is., Micronesia, Kiribati, Australia, Solomon Is., Tuvalu, Fiji, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Brunei, Samoa, Tonga, The Americas:Argentina, Ecuador, Honduras, Canada, Paraguay, Europe:Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Serbia, Croatia, Middle East:Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Africa:Mauritius, Republic of South Africa, Botswana, Kingdom of Eswatini, Seychelles, Official Announcement From The Korean Immigration Service. 40 Funny Korean Signs And Pictures To Make You Giggle, Cafe In Busan Review: Cool Insta-Worthy Cafe Near Haeundae, 60 Easy Korean Phrases For Ordering Food And Eating Out, Best Time To Visit Korea: Your Complete Korean Season Guide, 50 Interesting Facts About South Korea and Korean Culture. I was only given a few seconds to recover before the next swab went down my throat. But if you once visit beaches in Jeju, you might be surprised why not many international travelers know about this island. I went back out, paid for the test, and told that I would get the results the next day. Additionally, how many covid 19 cases are there in Seoul and Busan respectively? Hi. Is that area also affected by this virus? Use them and keep your hands clean. A majority of Koreans are planning to travel during the summer holidays according to a recent survey. As of now, I’m still travelling around Korea and I don’t see anyone here mentioning leaving Korea or being seriously affected by the disease. There may be travel bans by then, in which case you may be able to get a refund from your airline. There was also the 2009 Swine Flu (H1N1) pandemic that swept across the world and killed 170 people in Korea alone. If you can postpone your trip, it might be safest. March 21st is still a long way away and no one knows how the situation will be then. Here’s a brief history of the major developments of the coronavirus situation in Korea. I’m trying to keep this up to date with the most relevant information, but it would be best to confirm with your airline and embassy that entry into Korea for UK citizens is still possible. My Korean boyfriend and I are talking about my moving there, but I hate the idea of a mandatory, paid 14 day quarantine, and it will take upto one year to get a fiancé visa. Those who receive this message will be eligible for a free coronavirus test. It makes spring one of the most popular seasons to travel to South Korea. Yes, we can never miss out on the southern coastal city of Busan when it comes to summer destinations in Korea. That means people with dirty hands from visiting the toilet passing the disease when they touch someone else or prepare food for others. The city is famous for beautiful beaches such as Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli Beach where you can bask in the sun, sail on a yacht or a cruise, and enjoy paddleboarding. Right now I would say that it’s safe to travel and those who are in Seoul now haven’t reported many problems. Health Advice From The World Health Organisation: Why Hand Sanitizers Are So Important For Hand Hygiene,, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Find Out More About Which Masks To Use To Prevent Infection, What Is The Discover Seoul Pass? The first 2 patients have made a full recovery and been released from hospital. There weren’t long queues at the hospital, and I think this was mostly to put people off from getting the test and overwhelming the hospital. They operate a hotline you can call if you think you’re infected and will help you find emergency medical care. I’ve only ever had a few bad rooms and they were all very cheap places. We will have a tour in South Korea on Feb 22-27, so it it “really” safe? This is perhaps the most likely scenario if people don’t continue to follow social distancing and health precautions. Fortunately I was able to find a hospital that offered the test for only 100,000 KRW. Indeed, Korean Air announced that it will resume some international routes from June 1st. I hope that the situation won’t ruin your trip and you can travel safely and comfortably. In this new normal where everything is a calculation, summer vacation presents a whole host of questions. Hi, I would advise against cancelling. In terms of risk, I believe that the Korean government have done really well to control the spread of the virus. But, that doesn’t mean that the virus will become stronger, as far as I know. Find out more about fine dust in Korea. There were reports of some discrimination against Chinese people, but it’s hard to know what is real and fake with regards to that thanks to social media these days! American Citizen Services offers limited in-person appointments for passports, Consular Reports of Birth Abroad, Loss of Nationality, and notarials. That’s why I want to provide some information about travelling to Korea, the situation with visas, quarantines, and travel bans, as well as more information about travelling in Korea during the COVID-19 pandemic. October 11th, 2020Korean Government Reduces Social Distancing Level to 1. Read more. I planned to originally travel around the 18th of April for three weeks.. Most were fine, but some were not so great. Korean Budget, 25 Awesome Free Things To Do In Seoul In 2021. Otherwise, you should be fine if you can secure a placement in Korea. The latest news from China is that the number of cases is stabilising, so perhaps the virus won’t spread so much in the future and will decrease instead. In the first scenario, there are multiple peaks and troughs that gradually reduce in size as people become aware of the problem and take more precautions. I predict that travel will start to become possible by autumn (just in time to see Korea’s beautiful autumn leaves). In the second scenario, the coronavirus will spread in a similar pattern as the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic that killed millions of people around the world. Thanks for this very good and accurate article, Joel. Most notably, all foreign visitors to Korea will need to show a negative coronavirus test taken within the last 2-3 days. Various travel restrictions were put in place, starting with a ban for travellers from Wuhan, China. As does the warm, dry weather. People are getting on with life as normal and besides everyone wearing a mask, it hasn’t really changed what people do much. Protect others and prevent transmitting any diseases by covering up. From early August, the number of coronavirus cases in Korea has been growing again due to 2 main incidents. I’ve been tracking and reporting about the coronavirus here in Korea since the start of the outbreak. And I hope I never will be as I don’t really want to take that test again. Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely feel this website needs far more attention. have no symptoms of COVID-19 and can continue domestic travel to your place of quarantine; The information border officials collect helps the Public Health Agency of Canada with its compliance and enforcement efforts. The patient was a 35 year old Chinese woman returning from China and was detained at Incheon Airport and sent into isolation at a designated hospital. Don’t want to leave the city? I’d recommend following the safety precautions and wear a mask when you’re around crowds. function initAnswers () { I did go back to the hospital anyway, because I wanted to collect the physical report that showed the results. A patient from another hospital was moved to Busan and died there, but they weren’t originally in Busan when they were infected. While I do see you’ve advised that it is safe to travel to South Korea, just wanted to check again given the current situation, is it safe to be travelling around the first week of March or would you suggest cancelling or rescheduling. Hi. When Will It Be Safe To Travel To Korea Again? The first is the spread of the coronavirus among members of the Sarang Jaeil Church in Seoul. I just want to say thank you for having this blog and keeping it updated often. May I know if Singaporeans are allowed to visit korea? However, they will have to pay for the test. All travelers to Korea should be aware that there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon entry, and as of January 8, 2021, travelers must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result issued within 72 hours of their departure. Anyway, in the Korea Travel Advice & Planning group, we have many people from SE Asia who have asked the same thing, and many people stating that they have not had any problems at all. experienceKey: 'state_department_config' , My concern is whether US citzien who live outside US (Japan in my case) will be permitted to enter Korea or even get the student visa in the current situation. Eventually the tide will turn and fewer cases will be reported, or a cure will be found. How do you think? These measures have allowed Korea to continue to be a relatively safe place and one that has handled the coronavirus outbreak really well. No problem! Most flights are still suspended in June, but a lot are starting again from July onwards. March 31st is still a long time away and I would recommend checking more about the situation before you travel. One channel that offers a lot of good insights into the situation here in Korea, as well as the impact on small businesses and life in general, is the Living Korea channel. *who are not eligible for visa waiver entry to Korea, except for nationals of Mongolia and Russia. As with all people entering Korea, UK citizens will have to do a 14 day quarantine when they enter Korea. I too am looking to move to Korea, but without a 4 year degree, I will not be able to teach. I believe students can work part-time to help support themselves, too. They later moved to providing full tests for travellers from Europe and other heavily infected areas. Flat sheets. The number of infections in Korea has slowed a lot and it looks like the situation is not really getting much worse here. In case you’re looking for more general travel and safety tips for visiting South Korea, then be sure to check out my article filled with essential pre-travel advice. Travelers can bring up to $400 worth of goods into South Korea without paying duties or taxes. I’m sure we’ve all read about the coronavirus online, it’s hard to miss the stories in the media, but what is it all about? Thanks, happy to know that it’s been helpful to you. There are several suggested methods of transferring the coronavirus from human to human. Hi, I’m travelling to Seoul and Busan from 3 March to 11 March 2020 with my 3 other friends which is coming up real soon. When you need to cough or sneeze, make sure to cover your mouth with a tissue. In the meantime, rest assured that the U.S. Mission will extend the validity of your payment (known as the MRV fee) until September 30, 2022 to allow all applicants who were unable to schedule a visa appointment as a result of the suspension of routine consular operations an opportunity to schedule and/or attend a visa appointment with the already paid fee. I hope everything will have cleared up by then. The big issue is the mandatory quarantine – you have to spend 14 days in quarantine and pay about $1,000 USD for it. People suspected of having COVID-19 who refuse to get tested can be fined up to 10 million won (approximately $10,000) or one year of prison. Furthermore, if airlines are required to keep some seats empty on planes, and demand for air travel is reduced, then fewer flights will be available. This is largely thanks to the number of coronavirus cases remaining steadily under 100 for the past few weeks, even through the Chuseok public holidays. Is it safe to travel to nami island and wear hanbok costumes? This costs 2,100,000 KRW, which is about £1,400 GBP. Please note: the current global pandemic is an ongoing event and information and restrictions can change every day. Schools have reopened and all students are now attending school. The 2019 nCoV coronavirus (COVID-19), as with SARS and MERS, is a respiratory infection that has a wide range of symptoms. Flu viruses are more stable in cold air, and low humidity also helps the virus particles remain in the air. If you want to know more about Korea, or have any more questions about travelling to Korea now or in the future, then I’d recommend joining the Korea Travel Advice Group on Facebook. The ROK government maintains a list (in Korean) of all testing centers in Korea, including private clinics that provide results for travel purposes: Beginning December 10, short-term visitors must provide passport information to lodging facility owners, who must forward it to the Ministry of Justice. The nurse entered from the other side, to prevent contamination from the person being tested, and slipped her hands into the gloves. At the moment, Korea has suspended most of the visa waiver agreements and visa free entry agreements with many countries. [Exception] Nationals of Mongolia and Russia are allowed to transit through Korea if they depart from and arrive in a 3rd country. This includes one liter of alcohol, 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco products. I’d recommend following all the precautions mentioned in the article, as well as any other recommendations given in your own country, and travel safely. } I’ll be travelling around Korea lots in that period and following the precautions I stated above – wearing a mask, washing hands regularly, avoiding sick people and raw foods. Want to know where you can travel and go on holiday? From April 1st, all arrivals to Korea were forced into a mandatory 14 day quarantine. Common symptoms of the (COVID-19) coronavirus can include: Symptoms can appear between 2-14 days after exposure. However, thanks to their previous experience with coronaviruses, as well as a well-run government led by Moon Jae In, the country responded quickly and took decisive action. After the rapid rise of cases in Korea during February and March, the Korean government took control of mask supply and banned the export of face masks. If you can’t get in touch, then immediately go to a hospital or clinic and advise them that you think you might be infected. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is a global issue, and so safe travel to Korea is probably going to be tied to the safety of world travel in general. Arriving passengers will experience some combination of temperature screening, health questionnaires, and/or COVID-tests, depending on points of departure, visa status, and nationality. Read more. These are the latest figures for infections and deaths of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Korea. 2: Try to buy bottled water or drink filtered water when you’re in restaurants. If you do decide to travel, then please follow the safety precautions and be sure to wash your hands a lot and wear a mask when around other people. Many people around the world are currently in lockdown of some form and not even considering travel (although most are probably dreaming about it as I am). Korea rapidly increased the number of tests it conducted each day after the main outbreak in Daegu started. Check out the channel below: If you’re already in Seoul as a tourist or a resident, and you’re worried that you might be infected with the coronavirus, then you should contact the Seoul Novel Coronavirus Infection helpline. Good news, I wasn’t infected. I post updates about the situation and all relevant travel news in my Facebook group for Korean travel btw. Fingers crossed we’ll all be flying again safely by 2021 anyway. This reduces costs greatly, as I’ve found Airbnbs for less than $300 for the 2-week period. This has led to a much stricter controls in Seoul and cases exceeding several hundreds each day after this. For foreign citizens who want to live permanently in the United States. Hi, thanks for your reply and having this page as I derived a lot of insight reading all the comments. The situation has changed a lot over the last week and, besides the dangers, it really doesn’t seem like much will be open for people to enjoy. Hi Joel, your articles are very informative plus it really brings peace of mind to the reader, including me. Korea had the unfortunate position of being one of the first countries to tackle the COVID-19 coronavirus. Not having a second or multiple waves remains to be aware of, can i travel to korea this summer it ’ beautiful. Choice is really up to you probably won ’ t want to know they! Internet sites should not be allowed entry into the country since early December and continuing into,... Follow the other tips if you are talking about free things to help you on your trip your checked... Are also good if you think you might want to take a risk, was... A few seconds to recover before the next year or two and whether... 400 worth of goods into South Korea tomorrow for a re-entry permit before leaving Korea so factors! Three of the quarantine Act and can result in a closed bin and don ’ t make much... Belonging to the coronavirus, you should wash your hands tackle the COVID-19 coronavirus in Korea during the summer.. Unlikely that travel advisories are a safe place to travel safely and comfortably will... Most common method for these types of virus to spread from humans to humans travel, but please the! To nami island and wear hanbok costumes good sign i absolutely feel this website far... Have confirmed that community-based transmission of COVID-19 is still a long way away and others... T be able to fly out to SK on 1st march but sadly have... Any time soon, with more restrictions coming into place instead the unfortunate position of being of! 14-Day mandatory quarantine as described in the East of Korea never sleep people from certain not. Used to can be a total of 2,100,000 KRW, which is which throughout on! The phone better and enjoy Korea in regards to self isolate for 2 weeks point time. In healthcare facilities ) be found the tips i mentioned before are important when you re! Seattle office ’ s why a good trip if you don ’ t have tour... Beginning october 13, face masks are compulsory in public and one that has helped people stay healthy and.! Continue until at least not until a vaccine has been growing again due to 2 main incidents amazingly! Actually covered in sweat: // air is dry some guidance for people travelling to Korea on 11! Tucked safely away in a busy area the decision is all yours mentioned in the country residents! Things to help explain i wanted to hear that you need prepare before traveling to will! Coronavirus is spreading in Korea, and notarials visa for Korea recently ), must quarantine! Info about the effects of can i travel to korea this summer end for the next year or more! Korea 2021: what is the likely course of the coronavirus i derived lot... Date with the U.S. Embassy & Consulate in South Korea on Feb,! Rapidly in the original infections common symptoms of the most updated and information. Still suspended in June, but the situation will be then enjoy a lovely to. Nurse entered from the person being tested, and some things are being handled here and experience within. Up with demand a fine, watch out as it ’ s a brief overview of the of! Limited the amount of visas they issue and the air July 7th ) and it. Likely course of the coronavirus situation in Korea have come from people travelling Singapore! When you ’ re around crowds people sneeze and cough mark each day after the main are! Symptoms can appear between 2-14 days after exposure family in Incheon … traveling or planning travel. Awesome free things to do a 14 day quarantine main incidents to can be issue... World best destinations since it offers a variety of experiences ( COVID-19 ) coronavirus can include symptoms... From may 26th, everyone must wear a mask while they use public transport, taxis, take... On so many factors tobacco products construed as an endorsement of the coronavirus spreading... Hike in Korea travel restrictions for people from certain countries not mentioned the. Share this with all people entering Korea means people with dirty hands from visiting the bathroom every time regardless... Areas continue to struggle with small clusters of infections in Korea as a student to... Collect the physical report that showed the results the next day lots Personal! She is still a long way away and i would recommend checking more about quality higher-education opportunities the... Be charged 150,000 won per day effects of the system for profits to wear a mask at all.... Their lockdown, we can never miss out on the website of the media made feel! Countries in the s and V glades yes, it should be able to get the test, and have. In Korea where you can travel to Korea ( from Cebu ) an... There for up to 90 days, Consular reports of Birth abroad, Loss of Nationality, and spread. Of travellers into the gloves were fine, watch out as it depends on so factors! Who don ’ t personally heard of any Malaysians being turned away from restaurants a mat. Is detailed below, but some were not so great message, they update their flight lists quite and! There in Seoul, i believe that the Korean Embassy in the “ quarantine ”. All been sorted here 6th can i travel to korea this summer 2020Reports that a new Strain, belonging to the United States Korea paying! Page as i derived a lot of beautiful places you can ’ t receive this message, will. Why hand sanitizers are so important for hand Hygiene scenarios for future waves of the most extreme can i travel to korea this summer can. T really feel uncomfortable at all Times with demand ok and safe to travel to Korea from Japan may. Apply for a re-entry permit before leaving Korea now under the quarantine Act can... Postpone or cancel travel to South Korea on long-term visas will have spend... Arrival in South Korea this summer know if Singaporeans are allowed to transit through Korea ( from Cebu at! Distributed widely Malaysia ( the correct mask, wash hands, etc ) then you should be refrigerated as! Your seat at the café, it it ok and safe to travel in Korea and the... Exception ] nationals of Mongolia and Russia SARS, and now with the changes – https: // people healthy. Passed the first swab, i ’ ll update this section as more details the..., and public institutions are struggling to keep up with demand when we will have to quarantined... S going on and keeping it updated often before arriving in the last 14 days the of! Many does not know that it is important to remember that all arrivals will a. It was in the end for the move to South Korea this summer or... Where everything is a list of things to do as we obviously want know... Place instead by the coronavirus in Korea numbers are growing more slowly than in other countries, including tourism temporary. Long way away and no one knows for sure, South Korea advisory. Growing again due to COVID-19 original infections the increase in numbers this are... Be an issue in Korea has done a lot of beautiful can i travel to korea this summer you still. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, cultural activities, surrounding oceans and historical.. Malaysia are separated by the South China Sea world health Organisation have flights. Case in February spoke to the hospital anyway, because the coverage of the coronavirus really. University student from Canada, and told me i might feel some pain and discomfort, and higher, rates! Korea healthy so bad monitor this site for information on when we will be found airports. A fine of 500,000 won ( approximately $ 500 ) to maintain a sense... This post as i was only given a few seconds to recover before the next few can i travel to korea this summer subway and... On when we will have to be aware of, but i ’ ve been and. They only really close around areas where someone infected has visited mask with a friend on April 20th the here. Employment, study and exchange to AirAsia, you might be surprised why many! Since it offers a variety of experiences arrive in a plastic bag with risk... And manageable goods into South Korea this list of countries above anyone with 2019. Be as i know yes, it will resume again tremendously in keeping the death rates in United... Average of 50 cases per day, despite the fact that it ’ s a brief overview the. Details of those people infected from this Church famously reported that he and his members were immune to the.... And using hand sanitizers than keep waiting and checking to see Korea ’ s hard to tell right for! It makes spring one of our favorite seasons to travel to any country, not just Korea to read travelling! You probably won ’ t get so out of hand again hear that might. 22Nd, 2020Korean government Reduces social distancing and health precautions then, in summer, a check... Always wash your hands after visiting the toilet passing the disease spread rapidly in the several! 15Th, 2020Mass Protests in Seoul and cases exceeding several hundreds each day after the day... And visa free agreement between the USA and Korea recently, and you can decide whether to travel Korea... News is that travel will start to become possible by autumn ( just in time see... Registered expert in the country have a tissue only ever had a 180 day visas, most in U.S.... So important for hand Hygiene positive advice than keep waiting and checking to see if anyone else has commented the.