Certain breeds, like Poodles and Shih Tzus, need regular grooming, so owners of such breeds most likely know a groomer or two. If certification is important to you, check the National Dog Groomer Association of America’s listings for a certified groomer near you. ; Other services - Ask your professional what exact services they offer. Betty immediately put me at ease. Great customer service and great with the doggies! But taking your pup outside to do his business before he goes inside the groomers is best for everyone involved. Luckily, with a little work, it is not hard to find a quality groomer near you. Though this policy varies from shop to shop, many groomers prefer if you leave your dog’s leash with them. When I returned to pick them up, they looked super cute and she gave a report on their behavior. Let it be summer or winter time, nothing beats the hug of a warm towel after a shower. Most groomers include nails, and ear cleaning in their price though some may charge extra for things such as anal gland expression, the use of medicated shampoo, and teeth brushing. If your dog is not used to brushing or has sensitive skin try using just the rubber curry or your hand to loosen dead hair. Do not make a game of playing with his paw as this will only encourage him to move around and resist nail trimming. Click here. Betty even gave us pointers on how to keep my pup groomed at home when we don't bring her in. For example, all but the most active dogs need nail trims from time to time. When trimming your dog’s nails, employ the use of a friend or leash to gently restrain your dog. Your first appointment begins with a, meet-and-greet session so Betty can build trust and connection with your doodle and you. But you may be asking, “how do I find the best dog groomers near me?” Read along and find tips not only on keeping Spot spotless at home but also on how to find a good groomer near you! In order to ensure that your dog is thoroughly brushed and combed, pick a point on your dog such as the shoulder and gently and carefully work your way through the whole dog, first brushing then combing, one side of the dog, and then the next. What should I look for in a groomer? Betty does not use perfumes or colognes, she makes dogs smell great after spa day without them. Are you looking for a dog groomer near me? -Whitley P. from Austin, TX, "There's a reason she has such great ratings! Then you and your furry friend are in need of a dog groomer! Shall your motivation getting to know my work be curiosity to find a way to more fun and more effective brushing and combing experience at home, your doodle's grooming going south by "poodled trims" or short shaves in the past, or just being done with salon protocols like cages, you and your baby being handled as numbers and you are looking for caring, kindness, and in-depth talks and answers to your questions, I am here for you to provide the change and outstanding grooming experience you all desire. The work was nothing short of amazing! Betty does not offer ToeGrip services and passionately advocates for the removal of the product from the market. But you may be wondering, “How do I find a dog groomer near me? Talk with your groomer about what sort of styles will suit your dog and you’ll both be happy! Required fields are marked *. Cutting closely to the quick will signal the quick to begin receding back. Betty is not offering neither general teeth cleaning nor deep teeth cleaning services. Personal Attention. Begin your search for mobile groomers near me online. This will help the dog focus on the groomer and the tasks and funny noises, treats, butt, and belly rubs will grab the dog's attention and will keep the dog still and concentrate on grooming. House call groomers operate similarly to mobile groomers, however, they use your tub or sink to bathe the dog and set up their grooming table in your home or garage. The core step of a low-distraction environment is to have one dog at a time in the room. Teaching pawrents to exercise their doodle before the spa day, helping them overcome training difficulties when getting used to grooming tools, etc. They loved her and that's all I care about. soap, gluten, DEA, parabens, synthetic dyes, sulfates, or phthalates, and are animal cruelty-free. It also helps if you send me a clear picture of your bunny! This style of the shop is the most popular and most towns will offer a groomer of this type. She had no problems staying with Betty and was not stressed at all. They are great repositories of knowledge on grooming and behavior. ", "There's a reason she has such great ratings! We will definitely be back!! Way above an beyond what she had to do. Thanks, Betty!" ", "If I could have Betty groom ME I would do it. Thanks, Betty! One doodle at a time The Groomer Chick Experience The Groomer Chick experience starts with first-class customer service, smooth communication flow, and detailed intake forms. Menu. Keeping your cat groomed is an important part of maintaining their good health. after trimming to make them rounded and smooth. Welcome to Preppy Pets Salon and Mobile, your best destination for acquiring quality care for your furry friends in and around Friendswood, TX.My locally owned and operated cat and has been providing top-quality pet care for over 15 years, ensuring that every visit gives your pet all the attention and love that they need. my dog was very stressed from the long stay and rough handling. In recent years the number of mobile groomers has been growing. The national average cost for cat grooming ranges between $50 and $70, with prices varying based on where you live and the services you request.Your cat’s temperament can also affect grooming prices. While washing your dog, aim to get them squeaky-clean before finishing with your conditioner. Betty uses the Earthbath brand to get the coat clean, smelling natural, to be shiny and get ease with brushing, and to keep the tangles away. Because of her unpleasant experience and since there are no cages, there won't be any cage drying at Betty's either. A dog's coat is for protection from the elements and for blending in with Mother Nature.