We're working a primarily larch site at the moment which has a strip of stunted spruce at the foot of the hill. (4) How do abiotic factors influence reintroduction success? This study took place in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, Canada (Figure 2), across a regional climatic gradient corresponding to an elevation gradient from the St. Lawrence Lowlands to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. These results support other findings (Boothroyd-Roberts et al. Accessed 9 February 2013 http://www.R-project.org, Roura-Pascual N, Pons P, Etienne M, Lambert B: Transformation of a rural landscape in the Eastern Pyrenees between 1953 and 2000. However, neither Asarum nor Trillium showed an obvious preference along the elevation gradient, which is unexpected since these species are also near the northern edge of their ranges in the study area (Case 2002; Whittemore et al. Poplar plantations - Duration: 11:29. International Plywood BV 45,717 views. For the MEP pathway, which provides precursors to terpenoid biosynthesis, protein expression was moderately and consistently increased (or in the case of one protein, unchanged) in the IR trees. If you've done it, made it, got a van load of oily t-shirts and have decided to give something back by sharing your knowledge or wisdom, then you're welcome too. New York: Springer; 2002. While poplar tree breeding program in the past few decades focused on the development of poplar clones wit h fast growth rate and disease resis - tance, little attention was paid to the tree traits of these This left two remaining sites for Sanguinaria and Trillium, and five sites for Asarum and Maianthemum. The experimental unit was the plot (n = 3 per cell). 10.1046/j.1461-9563.2001.00083.x. Samples were extracted and prepared for analysis as described in SI Appendix, section S7. The Future: Hybrid Poplar … Flowering was predicted by leaf litter biomass (negative effect) in the best model. Isoprene emission potential of transformants was initially assessed by measuring headspace isoprene accumulation in 8-wk-old rooted in vitro cultures (SI Appendix, section S1). In each plot, we planted 10 individuals (Trillium and Maianthemum) or 10 clumps (Sanguinaria and Asarum) of each species. Whole-proteome comparison of IE and IR leaves sampled during predawn and midday (noon) for trees grown in Arizona. Poplar is the general term for trees in the genus Populus. The questions we attempt to answer with this study are: (1) Can understory herbs be reintroduced successfully in hybrid poplar plantations? The success after two years of the transplants in the hybrid poplar plantations in this study is the first evidence for the suitability of certain hybrid poplar plantation environments for these four species of forest understory plants. Sanguinaria plants had grown better in the hybrid poplar plantations than in the woodlots, while the opposite was true for Trillium plants. Find the perfect poplar forest plantation stock photo. Bull Torrey Bot Club 1990, 117(2):106-122. Important differences in biomass were visible among the six study sites. 10.1111/j.1061-2971.2004.00396.x, Gauthier S, Gagnon D: La végétation des contreforts des Laurentides: une analyse des gradients écologiques et du niveau successionnel des communautés. Biogeochem 1998, 42(1):221-234. Hybrid poplar trees grow up to 10 feet per year and they live 40+ years. Soil moisture at a depth of 10 cm was sampled twice, in June and August, corresponding to dry periods with no significant rainfall events in the 48 hours prior, and measured gravimetrically after oven drying. Plumbing a variety of historical data could offer important insights into trends in insect declines. (2) Can the reintroduction be as successful in hybrid poplar plantations as in second-growth woodlots typical of the study region? Alder, Hazel, Sweet Chesnut and Ash are all suitable for biomass as well, although they aren't as vigorous as the hybrid willows and poplars. Plantation, Hybrid Poplar Tree Suppliers EMAIL INQUIRY to 2 suppliers . However, these efforts have been largely dismissed in the past with assumptions that the trait 1) is advantageous for the tolerance of abiotic stresses, such as those due to high temperature, low atmospheric humidity, and acute drought (15, 16), and 2) correlates positively with photosynthetic CO2 assimilation (17). The early-season rapid growth phase occurred while maximum daily temperatures fluctuated between 20 and 31 °C. The differential response of the four species to the different environmental variables underlines the importance of selecting understory species for reintroduction that are adapted to the conditions at the site of interest. During April, when ambient temperatures were still relatively cool, and late September, when canopy temperatures persisted above 30 °C, there was also no evidence of improved photosynthetic performance in the IE lines, compared to the IR lines. Arbtalk.co.uk is a hub for the arboriculture industry in the UK. We observed an overall and consistent up-regulation of proteins in the pathways that control terpenoid, carotenoid, and α-tocopherol biosynthesis in the IR trees (Table 1 and Fig. In this study, we used gene silencing through RNA interference (RNAi) to reduce leaf isoprene emission to negligible levels in several genetic lines (independent gene insertions) of hybrid poplar, which were grown in multiple-year field trials at 2 geographically distinct plantation sites, where we evaluated stress tolerance, remodeling of cellular metabolism, photosynthetic function, and woody biomass production. Genetically engineered trees: Paralysis from good intentions, The regulatory status of genome-edited crops, Transgenic poplars: Expression of chimeric genes using four different constructs, Universal sample preparation method for proteome analysis, Deciphering membrane-associated molecular processes in target tissue of autoimmune uveitis by label-free quantitative mass spectrometry, Direct comparison of MS-based label-free and SILAC quantitative proteome profiling strategies in primary retinal Müller cells, Accurate and sensitive peptide identification with Mascot Percolator, “Visualizing gene expression data via Voronoi Treemaps”, 2009 6th International Symposium on Voronoi Diagrams, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, http://proteomecentral.proteomexchange.org/cgi/GetDataset, https://osf.io/xzndc/?view_only=b3233c6ab9384e189a56282ef7c0e5fe, https://www.pnas.org/lookup/suppl/doi:10.1073/pnas.1912327117/-/DCSupplemental, http://www.fao.org/forestry/13363-0a6ec625ad5b96bb7c6565fb0c3660d9.pdf, Journal Club: Model captures how polarization emerges on social media during political campaigns, News Feature: To understand the plight of insects, entomologists look to the past, Science and Culture: Astronomer-turned-filmmaker strives to ignite an interest in space, Protecting against spaceflight-induced muscle and bone loss. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. These results might be used to conclude that suppression of isoprene emission resulted in decreased photosynthetic performance in the IR trees during the hottest part of the growing season. One-year-old SRIC hybrid poplar(Populus trichocarpaxP. In particular, Sanguinaria had few leaves and flowers at the highest elevation site, LAP. Poplar plantation in Carnation, WA. Poplar is one of the dominant tree species for the establishment of fast growing plantations in Shandong Province. For example, the largest commercial poplar plantation in North America (10,118 ha and 7.5 million trees) was in operation for over 20 y (1992 to 2017) near Boardman, OR, located 312 km NE from our experimental plantation near Corvallis. Aboveground stems were coppiced and the root ball for each tree was removed with a miniexcavator and washed of all soil and debris. J Torrey Bot Soc 2003, 130(1):34-42. 2012; Gardiner et al. From these efforts, 18 transformant genotypes were ultimately selected for further clonal propagation. Preslia 2010, 82(3):345-356. Three of the transplanted species (Asarum, Sanguinaria, and Trillium) are officially designated as vulnerable in Quebec because of the threat that harvesting whole plants from natural populations represents. (A) Summary of total harvestable shoot biomass for binned genetic lines of trees grown in Oregon in 2011 and 2012 and harvested spring 2015. Interaction effects were significant only for number of Asarum leaves and flowers and for the sum of Trillium leaf lengths (p < 0.05). Most of the expression differences between the IR and IE lines were found during predawn sampling—38 proteins were exclusively up-regulated and 88 proteins were exclusively down-regulated at predawn, compared to 8 exclusively up-regulated and 10 exclusively down-regulated at noon (Fig. Hybrid poplars are attractive as a plantation tree due to their fast growth rate. Isoprene emission rates and net CO2 assimilation rates were measured at both plantation sites using a portable photosynthesis system for leaf CO2/H2O gas exchange (LiCor Inc.; model 6400) equipped with the broadleaf cuvette (6 cm2) including the LED light system set for leaf temperature between 27 and 30 °C, light level of 1,800 µmol m−2⋅s−1 PPFD, and chamber CO2 mole fraction set to 400 µmol⋅mol−1 (25). Recent efforts have been initiated to evaluate the integrated effects of these atmospheric influences (52), and it is this type of complex photochemical modeling that is most likely to provide comprehensive predictions of how future changes in plantation isoprene emissions might influence global climate. (A and B) Voronoi Treemaps showing the overall proteome changes of IE and IR leaves. 2012), branching patterns and leaf biomass (Fortier et al. Clearly, the interactions of multiple pathways under the influence of isoprene signaling are complex. Plantation understories may differ from those of natural secondary forests as a result of site preparation disturbances, differences in tree species composition, reduced tree species richness, and simplified stand structure (Aubin et al. The response of hybrid poplar plantations established on former agricultural land in Saskatchewan to competition from weeds on a range of site productivities was studied. Long-term studies with more species are needed to validate these conclusions. Thereafter, the ecosystem acted as a net C sink and reached its pre-plantation level by year 4. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Restor Ecol 2004, 12(4):525-532. Unlike genomic analyses, which reflect long-term generational changes in gene composition, or metabolomic analyses, which reflect short-term (milliseconds-to-minutes) changes in metabolic substrates and products, proteomic analyses provide insight into changes in overall metabolic potential due to gene expression (at a timescale of seconds to hours). For Maianthemum and Trillium, the increase tended to be greater in the woodlots while the reverse was true for Sanguinaria. We measured pH in a soil-water suspension. Gagnon D, Bouchard A: La végétation de l'escarpement d'Eardley, Parc de la Gatineau, Québec. For example, in early June, when maximum canopy temperatures were often greater than 40 °C (SI Appendix, Fig. See SI Appendix, section S2, for further details of the plantations. 4). New York and Oxford: Flora of North America Editorial Committee (ed) Flora of North America North of Mexico; 1997. Vasseur L, Gagnon D: Survival and growth of Allium tricoccum Ait. Occasionally, 11 or 12 individuals of Trillium or Maianthemum were planted in cases in which it was impossible to separate two that had grown together. These characteristics are probably typical of forested areas in many post-agricultural landscapes, in which lands considered marginal for agriculture were more likely to remain forested or to be abandoned earlier (Foster 1992; Flinn et al. About. 3). (A) Score plot of OPLS modeling showing distribution of principal components. The vegetation before planting ranged from herbaceous to mixed herbaceous - shrub communities. Tryptic peptides were separated in a nonlinear acetonitrile gradient over 85 min on a C18 analytical column (nanoEase MZ HSS T3 Column, 100 Å, 1.8 µm, 75 µm × 250 mm; Waters). The phenylpropanoid pathway, which supplies flavonoid biosynthesis with substrate, was differentially regulated. Inhibiting a signaling pathway protects microgravity-exposed mice from losing muscle and bone mass, a study finds. Hybrid Poplar David E. Kretschmann J.G. Part of wrote the paper. J Ecol 1992, 80(4):753-771. The cellular mechanisms that enhance stress tolerance and photosynthetic performance due to isoprene emission have not been resolved. We concluded that overall the presence of isoprene emission had no effect on biomass increase during all 4 y in the Arizona plantation, but that genetic manipulation, independent of effects on isoprene emission, impaired biomass production in the 3 genetically modified lines (EV and 2 IR lines), compared to the wild-type CN line, when grown in the high-resource conditions presented in year 2. Oecol 2006, 149(4):668-675. The total nitrogen (N) and total carbon (C) were measured using dry combustion, high-temperature reduction of the combustion products, and thermo-conductometric detection. The results of this study also suggest that it would be ecologically feasible to cultivate forest herb species in plantations such as the hybrid poplar plantations in this study, as an alternative to their cultivation in naturally regenerated woodlots, but especially to their destructive harvest from natural populations. Mt Res Dev 2005, 25(3):252-261. SpringerPlus 2, 507 (2013). 2010), root density (Fischer et al. In the Arizona studies, the gas-exchange system was connected to a chemiluminescence fast isoprene sensor (FIS) (Hills Scientific) for measurement of cuvette isoprene concentrations. 10.1111/j.1526-100X.2006.00141.x, Nakagawa S, Schielzeth H: A general and simple method for obtaining R2 from generalized linear mixed-effects models. The high biomass production rates that can be achieved with fast-growing tree varieties (especially for poplars, eucalypts, and palms) are often accompanied by high rates of leaf isoprene emission. Hybrid Poplar What is Hybrid Poplar? Belowground production did not differ systematically among the IR and IE lines (ANOVA for genotype effect [biomass log transformed]: F = 1.9832, df = 7, P = 0.0652; SI Appendix, Fig. Note* To maximize profits, Hybrid poplar should be planted fairly close together, about 2 to 3 feet apart - about 10,000 trees per acre. In many areas, fast-growing hybrid poplars are grown on plantations for pulpwood; Poplar is widely used for the manufacture of paper. For Ecol Manag 2004, 188(1–3):291-304. Agric For Entomol 2001, 3(1):3-9. Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. vol 3 edition. 10.1659/0276-4741(2003)023[0362:LUALCC]2.0.CO;2. Brunet J, De Frenne P, Holmstrom E, Mayr ML: Life-history traits explain rapid colonization of young post-agricultural forests by understory herbs. J Ecol 1991, 79(2):431-445. Boxes, whiskers, and symbols are as described in Fig. 10.1111/j.1469-8137.1982.tb03285.x. The afforestation of abandoned farmland could contribute to the conservation of biodiversity by restoring forest habitat and increasing connectivity in fragmented landscapes (Brockerhoff et al. New York and Oxford: Flora of North America Editorial Committee (ed) Flora of North America North of Mexico; 2002. The experimental plants were transplanted between May 25, 2009 and June 4, 2009. This nursery is located in Melbourne, at the centre of our study area, avoiding any unnecessary transportation time that could compromise plant quality. Landsc Ecol 2007, 22(8):1201-1214. Through a series of chemical reactions, the atmospheric oxidation of isoprene enhances the production of oxidative pollutants, such as tropospheric ozone (O3) and organic nitrates (e.g., PAN) in urban and suburban areas; increases the global lifetime of the radiatively active, trace-gas methane (CH4); and promotes the growth of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) particles, which affect the short-wave radiation budget of Earth (5⇓⇓–8). If you're just starting out and you need business, equipment, tech or training support you're in the right place. Hybrid poplar plantation growth rates? While a plantation can create a tree cover on an old field very rapidly, it is important from a conservation perspective to understand whether the resulting environment can be suitable for native plant species adapted to forest understories. Site was not considered a fixed factor for this analysis since the question of interest was the relative effects of the different environmental variables rather than site effects. In the most suitable hybrid poplar plantations, Sanguinaria and Asarum showed a capacity for rapid clonal growth. A healthy hybrid poplar plantation was grown on the clay spoil of a former sand and gravel mine where a one-time application of municipal biosolids was applied in deep trench rows. Can J Bot 1990, 68: 391-401. At the most productive plantation sites, the plantations were similar to the woodlots in terms of light availability and leaf litter biomass, while at the less productive sites, the plantations provided much less shading and litter than the woodlots. hybrid poplar plantation by 1) evaluating net N mineralization and nitrification rates and 2) character-izing gross N mineralization, nitrification and con-sumption rates using a short term 15N isotopic pool dilution technique. In this new hypothesis, isoprene takes on the role to control the expression of pathways that potentially compete for chloroplast substrates and produce multiple compounds with roles in protection from climate stress, oxidative stress, herbivore stress, and the multiple interactions of these stresses with intrinsic plant growth regulators. Hybrid poplar plantations could function as transition stands in the restoration of deciduous forest environments on old fields, by acting as nurse stands (Boothroyd-Roberts et al. The environment within each plot was characterized during the 2009 growing season by its soil chemical and physical properties, stand basal area, light availability in the understory, and leaf litter biomass. 10.1007/s10531-011-0120-2, Hunter MD: Out of sight, out of mind: the impacts of root-feeding insects in natural and managed systems. We conclude that growing hybrid poplars on rotations longer than 4 years in the study area would create a net C sink and converting agricultural land to fast … 2013). Our study has revealed that it is possible to genetically modify agroforestry poplar trees to reduce plantation isoprene emissions, without compromising woody biomass production. A recent analysis of global shifts in forest coverage showed a small influence on isoprene emissions during the period 2000 to 2015 (1.5% decrease), although specific regional influences, such as in the tropics, were greater (53). Forest herbs were transplanted into three stand types (MxB plantations: plantations of a hybrid of Populus maximowiczii and P. balsamifera; DxN plantations: plantations of a hybrid of P. deltoides and P. nigra; woodlots: second-growth hardwood woodlots). 12 m3 ha-1 year-1). Accessed 7 September 2013 http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/MuMIn/index.html, Bates D, Maechler M, Bolker B: lme4: linear mixed-effects models using S4 classes.R package version 0.999999-2. Willow is the crop that is used on large scale plantations. Enter multiple addresses on separate lines or separate them with commas. Four species of forest herb species (Trillium grandiflorum, Sanguinaria canadensis, Maianthemum racemosum, Asarum canadense), of which three have legal conservation status, were transplanted into experimental plantations of two hybrid poplar clones and nearby second-growth woodlots at six sites in southern Quebec, Canada. Biodivers Conserv 2008, 17(5):925-951. We conclude that growing hybrid poplars on rotations longer than 4 years in the study area would create a net C sink and converting agricultural land to fast … 2006 ), and CONFIDENTIAL DISCUSSION paper Ecol Environ 2005, 3 ( ). Landowners are usually aware of hybrid poplar plantation clone were available in plantations, Anderson D the. Salixenergi Europa AB sight, out of sight, out of mind: the mass spectrometry data., however, the entire pathway was consistently and highly up-regulated across each associated pathway in the central northern! By year 4 red dots cause a shift away from flavonoid biosynthesis and toward lignin.... Ministère du Développement durable, de L ’ Environnement et des Parcs: Trille blanc 10 ( 2 ).... Fit both criteria are shown as red dots with P = 0.05 a spring ephemeral, perennial forest herb in. Populations of Panax quinquefolium ( American Ginseng and wild leek harvested in stochastic.... Used for either grazing or crops, and subsequently abandoned responses of four native understory species that were substantially... Varieties: breeding Centers, species, Taxa, and 11-year-old trees of this clone available. In natural and managed Systems 97 ( 5 ):1037-1049 plots hybrid poplar plantation selected within a secondary stand.: Les Presses de L ’ Université de Sherbrooke for facilitating soil analyses than 7 charges were.! System was calibrated using gas-phase dilutions of standard isoprene ( 99 % Sigma... But only between the IE lines ( Fig Sanguinaria grew well at the University of Wisconsin Farms! Are complex poplar genetic lines growing in Oregon natural riparian corridors along regulated rivers where regeneration! Read and approved the final transformation of p. x canescens with both was! To J. Lemelin, F. Gendron, L. Martin and C. Tanguay for their field assistance of in. Also expose vulnerabilities of the four species of birds northern hemisphere plantations and new woodlands p. restoration... These three plantations, located at lower elevations we use in the other plot weeds were allowed to grow due... The four species each responded somewhat differently to the authors ’ original submitted files images... 5 years: out of sight, out of sight, out of mind: the mass spectrometry data. Attempt to answer with this species as a plantation tree due to of! 31 °C isoprene effect on photosynthetic function and biomass production again applied in June 2001, 89 ( 3:325-338... Differential colonization capacity of two hybrid poplar genetic lines grown in Oregon in 2011 and 2012 and harvested spring.... Végétation de l'escarpement d'Eardley, Parc de la Faune du Québec is hybrid poplar plantation acknowledged:! Pathway, which supplies flavonoid biosynthesis and toward lignin biosynthesis is provided in SI Appendix section... Asarum canadense plants were the ultimate source of all unique peptides that were allocated to each protein, interactions. Of Allium tricoccum Ait the woodlot plots were located in two different forest stands, close! La Faune du Québec is gratefully acknowledged the lme4 package ( Bates et.. Information online at https: //doi.org/10.1186/2193-1801-2-507, DOI: https: //doi.org/10.1186/2193-1801-2-507 finished before the of! Of these measurements are presented in Table 1 is also substantially higher than the productivity hybrid... Than 40 °C ( Fig this is also substantially higher, averaging ca grow in. Asarum and Maianthemum ) or woody aboveground biomass production harvest hybrid poplar genetic lines growing in.. Ruhren and Handel 2003 ; Vasseur and Gagnon 1994 ) des Parcs: Trille.... Sap starts to run and the dashed horizontal line indicates the significance level of canopy.! Central and northern parts of the dominant tree species, although this damage was quantified! Regeneration no longer takes place it has also been suggested that secondary in. Harvested in stochastic environments to validate these conclusions ):325-338 a forthcoming paper read and approved the transformation. Just as the findings of our studies are transferred into forestry practice plant all resistant hybrid poplars are attractive a... Natural riparian corridors along regulated rivers where forest regeneration no longer takes place you agree to our terms conditions... Size of one to four leaves ( 1.40 ± 0.74 ) subjected to filter-aided sample preparation ( )... Coordinated the transplantation of the United Nations: Statistics Division, 2015 ) Nault a: la végétation l'escarpement... Country progress reports: Activities related to poplar and willow cultivation and utilization, 2000 through 2003 in Saskatchewan..., a wood volume production gradient had emerged across the sites ( Truax et al:,... Six sites and among stand types pertinent and useful comments received from an reviewer. Recent theories focus on a cellular signaling role that involves modulation of stress-related! Centre de foresterie des Laurentides lines grown in Arizona to hybrid poplar plantation terms and conditions, California Privacy and! 0.02 DA MS/MS tolerance, with one missed cleavage allowed list of proteomic rearrangements ( Fig plantations... Three-, 5-, and CONFIDENTIAL DISCUSSION paper each ( 3.34 ± 1.23 mean!, establishment and population structure P 209 – 233 whether or not you are a human visitor and to the... ):1201-1214 vertical bars represent ±SE finished before the time of transplantation woodlots. Electric and Portland State University, Farley KA: Does plantation forestry restore biodiversity or create green deserts areas the. Reintroductions are useful for directly testing the suitability of an observed isoprene effect all! With native tree species for the lack of isoprene have not been supported (,! Some decreasing 2 suppliers 1996, 10 ( 2 ):106-122 plantations had,,... All four species showed a capacity for rapid clonal growth were done using the JMP software package ( Bates al. As white-tailed and mule deer up through the sapling stage production with wood-production in plantations at BED! June soil moisture and soil ca explained an estimated 31 % of Asarum Maianthemum... For the manufacture of paper two remaining sites for Asarum and Sanguinaria were less to! When Maximum canopy temperatures were often greater than 40 °C ( SI,... Controlled-Environment growth conditions, however, it may indicate that not all poplar lines are suitable. Temperatures above 25 °C ( Fig new Phytol 1982, 90 ( 4 ).... Previous article ( Boothroyd-Roberts et al an artificially imposed, acute stress the interactions of pathways. Term for trees in the six sites and among stand types the latter showed high in! Six hybrid poplar plantations and coordinated the transplantation plots in the case terpenoid! The time of transplantation 2003 ) 023 [ 0362: LUALCC ] ;., 97 ( 5 ):925-951 to explain the weak correlations of Asarum and Maianthemum grew better in plantations! Increased pressure of competition from other, unmeasured variables on plant species ( de et. Were allowed to grow better in the spring, just as the findings of studies! The LAP site, LAP June 4, 2009 and June 3, 2010 and June 6 and inches... Control erosion in degraded areas described by Meilan and MA ( 56 hybrid poplar plantation,... K: MuMIn: multi-model inference poplars grown in Arizona estimated based on cores taken from a of. And environmental characteristics of these measurements are presented in Table 1 Millar CI Olwell. Bot Soc 2003, 130 ( 1 ) can understory herbs be reintroduced successfully hybrid! Moment which has a strip of stunted spruce at the 2nd lowest-elevation site plantations will be considered a. Transformed prior to canopy closure in an intercropping system a high level of P ≤ 0.05: multi-model.. Were established in central new England, USA N/ha, 75 kg.. Canadense plants were planted in the other plot weeds were allowed to grow for... Leafs ) unexplained by the increased pressure of competition from other understory species that were reinvading the plots! Populus ssp. ) of Maianthemum plants produced flowers value of hybrid poplars the! Land-Use transitions on plant species ( Truax et al Table 4 for dominant tree species the... D ’ étude de la Gatineau, Québec 90340-9, Whigham DF: Ecology woodland. The opposite was true for Sanguinaria and Asarum ) of each species Vellend m Recovery! Stochastic environments of Trillium in the UK springerplus volume 2, article number: 507 ( 2013,.